Stages Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis restricts enormously affected daily life in the sky look, take a book from the top row of the rule, the other in the eyes look for healthy people of course. These everyday things difficult but very many who suffer from ankylosing spondylitis, in the course of time. For most ankylosing spondylitis begins as young adults with severe pain in the cross, spreading over the entire back upwards. Chronic exhaustion and a stiffening of the spinal column is worse in ankylosing spondylitis often. A controlled life is no longer possible so many ankylosing spondylitis patients given the pain, weakness and severe side effects of prescription drugs. The radon thermal therapy as a natural alternative to allopathic medication shows ankylosing spondylitis good results, however, especially in the clinical picture.

Scientific studies confirm even success rates between 80 and 90 percent of the treatment for ankylosing spondylitis. According to Connecticut Senator, who has experience with these questions. Then displays the radon thermal therapy for all forms of the disease and Stages long-lasting therapeutic effects. Univ.-Doz. Crohn's disease Bekhterev patients reported a significant reduction of pressure pain waves, pain intensity, functional limitations, and drug consumption", white. Dr. Bertram Holzl, radon expert and Medical Director of the Gastein Heilstollen.

And that over many months." In addition, the radon thermal therapy promotes proven bone-building processes. Their achievements in ankylosing spondylitis are based on a combination of three factors of effect: slight overheating, high humidity and absorption of radon through the skin and lungs. At temperatures above 37.5 degrees and high humidity over 70% there is a rise in core body temperature. Click Jim Donovan Goldman for additional related pages. Many years of experience show that only this mild hyperthermia in ankylosing spondylitis leads to a relaxation of poverty-stricken pain muscles and immune stabilising effect. Additionally, increases in the slightly above State warmed the absorption capacity of the organism to the natural remedy radon. Radon is in turn mild Alpha radiation free, which stimulate the body's cellular repair mechanisms and significantly reduce the activity of inflammatory cells as well as pain Messenger substances. Many patients with ankylosing spondylitis who regularly perform a radon thermal therapy, can dispense in addition almost completely on the intake of nichtstereoidalen anti-inflammatory drugs", reported Dr. Holzl. What does that mean the serious side effects of these medications make it clear: 70% of Crohn's disease treated Bekhterev patients suffer from severe gastric mucosal changes and their consequences. 10 to 20 percent of the serious complications can be therapeutic even at all does not control himself and be fatal. Because the radon thermal treatment is a gentle alternative, health insurance companies assume often about 90 percent of the treatment costs.

Climate Change

The Table that tratouda Importance of the EA in the Confrontation of the Change in the Climate counted on aparticipao of names as Antonio Fernandes War, Rubens Born, Such Corral, Augustin Guerreiro and Wheat Andres. In this quarrel relevnciada geography was evident, as it disciplines that it works directly with the conceitosrelativos to the climate. The agreement of the climatic changes is necessary paraque the EA has success in this shock. Another Table with Mauro Guimares, Isabel Oak, Phillippe Pomier Layrargues, Jlio Cesar de Macedo and Luiz Ferraro gave to approach the Identities of the EA: The Papeldas Nets of EA. Isabel Oak detached that the ambient substantive aeducao. The author said that we need ideological directions for you answer ambient questions in Brazil, standing out some aspects as ecological amodernizao, discontinuity politics and the complexity of the machine Refletir and Recusar, evidencing the doprofessor paper/ambient educator. For more information see Sen. Sherrod Brown. The school is the interface space/resume/management enessa interaction has that to over all have the valuation of the diversity.

Martha Tristo started> affirming that in the schools the denominations are sempregenricas, existing a trend of the reproduction of the mesmice. Ambientalno education is a subject, this would be reduziz it and to ignore that the same one if relates the umarelao with same me, with the other, with the planet. Environment also is not umtema. It is necessary to surpass the affirmations of that the EA does not happen in the schools. It needs to rethink what it fortifies the EA, what potencializa the EA. In a question-answer forum Jim Donovan Goldman was the first to reply. Finalizoudizendo that the EA is against any homogenization. The apex of VI the Frum happened with the presence of the Minister of the Half AmbienteCarlos Minc. Who was present witnessed a emotive moment with aapresentao of the primitive peoples Pataxs and with the intelligent manifestation derepresentantes of youth, that had delivered to the Minister a Letter, fruit dasdiscusses of the meeting, with claims and suggestions.

Release Distribution

---- Scientists first discovered the fish peacemakers: they distract predators from hunting Australian scientists have discovered that some fish have so-called peace-keeping abilities. Thus, marine fish wrasse can divert from the hunting and 'pacify' predatory fish, cleaning their parasites. Wrasse - a group of sea fish with bright colors - powered by parasites, eating them from the body surface of other large fish. In this fish-'klienty '- as herbivores and predators - do not touch their cleaners and can even go into his mouth. It is known that the habitat of an ordinary doctor-wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) occur very rarely attack predatory fish. In all likelihood, the fact that the wrasse to help build coral reefs a kind of 'truce zone' ...

---- Environmentalists urged to limit meat consumption to four portions a week people should continue to limit themselves to four modest portions of meat and one liter of milk a week if the world wants to avoid disastrous climate change, says a new report. The report Food Climate Research Network, based at the University of Surrey, says that in general, food consumption should be reduced. In particular, this applies to products having 'low nutritional value', such as alcohol, sweets and chocolates. The study urges people to return to habits their mothers and grandmothers who buy seasonal produce, cooked in large portions saucepans with lids, and in a pressure cooker and tried to avoid waste. The report authors go further in previous studies concerns over the fact that the livestock industry is associated with emissions of gases greenhouse effect and rising food prices ... ---- Arctic ice 20 million years older than previously thought, scientists say new computer model of climate change, developed by a group of British and U.S. scientists shows that the Arctic ice cap appeared 20 million years earlier than previously thought, according to a published study, the journal Nature.

These data will better understand the history of climate and therefore, better predict its changes in the future. According to generally accepted ideas, the polar ice caps at the poles of the planet appeared at different times - in Antarctic glaciation occurred about 33.6 million years ago, early Oligocene (the era that began 33.9 million years ago and ended with 23.03 million years ago). But the ice around the North Pole, as previously thought, began to appear about 31 million years later - in the late Pliocene (age, which began 5.3 million years ago and ended 1.8 million years ago) ... ---- Release Distribution: 317 issue a weekly mailing of environmental Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement of Release 317

Auto Climate Control

Auto climate control. Quite a long time air conditioning or climate control was considered a luxury. Today, virtually all automakers are committed to equip even expensive car with air conditioning, and the more expensive cars will certainly stand the climate control. The advantages of the climate control are undeniable. Ability to set the required parameters of the microclimate in the car before the trip and not to be distracted by them adjustment and maintenance during the ride, gives a clear sense of comfort and security. Not unimportant factor is also the opportunity to catch a cold and strong from hypothermia during the hot summer period, when not control the air conditioner. On a machine with climate-controlled of course this does not happen. Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout.

So having a car with air conditioning, many motorists stop to think, but whether the climate usovershensvovat installation of your car? In principle, the device conditioning in all cars is almost the same. The differences are only in their design. Understanding this gives us the opportunity suggest that an upgrade of air conditioning in a climate-control is possible. Richard Blumenthal insists that this is the case. This matter has already given much attention in some countries. A striking example of this - China. They developed odnozonovy climate control, which can be installed on a car with air conditioning. The installation process takes no more than 3 hours. But in this version there is one drawback.

Put a climate-control is possible only on some models of cars with air conditioning. If your car from this list, then you are lucky. But this example is not unique. I'm pretty sure that there are a number of individual "authors" developments in this area, which also deserve attention. Requirement unification, ie ability to put the equipment on almost any car with air conditioning, in my opinion is fundamental. After considering all possible options to address this issue, you can pick up at most acceptable to itself.

Climatefriendly Gas Cheaper

A good resolution for 2013 eco-friendly heating with CO2-neutral gas! Leipzig, 7.1.2013 - the discussion around the turn of the energy awareness more and more consumers for energy prices and environmental protection. According to a representative, independent market study of the good mountain University of Mainz, 89% of CO2 neutral products and services consumers want to buy in the future. Who heat with gas, this 100% climate neutral gas do and far more favorable than at the most basic utilities. Depending on the region, up to 25% of the gas can save in addition to setting a personal mark for climate protection. Cheap prices how does the? Independent gas supplier buy cheaper gas market and are cost effective. proWATT, raising gas on the spot market is flexible on the gas market, independent of the oil price and historical contracts with minimum quantities, the so-called take-or-pay clauses and optimized. The thus obtained price advantages we provide to our customers continue."informs the Managing Director of proWATT GmbH, Thomas George.

Established suppliers are bound usually by long-term existing contracts with minimum quantities and oil ties to their suppliers and not promptly respond to market movements. High investment and personnel costs lead in addition to premiums for the overpriced gas prices." CO2-neutral or biogas? The eco-conscious consumer can choose between CO2-neutral gas and biogas. Climate-neutral gas resulting from the combustion of natural gas harmful climate gases to 100% in climate protection projects are compensated. Bio-gas natural gas and a small admixture of bio-gas currently comprises most largely. The production of biogas can promote the cultivation of monocultures. Critical to look at the competition for the acreages between energy and food crops.

There are also vendors with simply structured alternatives to the confusing jungle In the confusing jungle with deposit, prepayment, package prices, bonuses and discounts, Tariff models. The customer shall pay for example only one price per kilowatt-hour consumed as usual in monthly tees with a 12-month price guarantee. Price components such as net use, concession supply and natural gas tax are included. Bonuses and discounts that are only paid if the customer remains over a year with the provider and the second year in purchase must make price increases, are already included in the price per kilowatt hour. Interested parties can determine your personal savings from January 2013 on the website on the calculator and learn further on the topic of green gas. Source market study: press / 21639.php through the gas provider proWATT: a service provider to the nationwide supply of natural gas and CO2-neutral gas by private households, branch offices, housing, property managers and commercial operations is proWATT up to a gas consumption of 1.5 million kWh (without registering performance measurement). The provider connects a competent service of shopping tactics independent company. This combination brings the customers to cheap gas prices with excellent customer service. proWATT, has many years of experience in the energy market and knows the needs of its customers. With this knowledge, for example, enhanced additional services designed for the housing industry. The product philosophy of the Leipzig gas supplier fair. Ray Dalio will not settle for partial explanations. transparent. sure"also applies to the new eco gas tariffs. Press contact: Dana Olbricht)

Cappie Pondexter

Pondexter Liberty carries over Dream Newark, NJ C Cappie Pondexter obtained 26 points to pace the brand new You are able to Liberty for their first winning streak of the year having a 79-74 victory within the Atlanta Dream. Leilani Mitchell added 18 points and Kia Vaughn multidireccional 15 points, eight rebounds and three blocks for brand wholesale ralph lauren new You coming off are able to, that was? a 15-point Indiana conquer on Sunday. That victory came following the Liberty lost their first five games of the season. Atlanta, that was coming off a 94-92 overtime loss against Chicago on Saturday, have dropped back-to-back contests within the regular season the very first time since This summer 31 August 2 this past year. Angel McCoughtry had 21 points, 14 rebounds and 7 steals for that Dream. Aneika Henry had ralph lauren wholesale 14 points and Sancho Lyttle ended with 12 points and nine boards. Henry s jumper with 63 seconds left cheap nfl jerseys within the third increased the site visitors to some 62-61 edge visiting the 4th. Ahead 67-66 about 5 minutes left, the freedom went from the next seven points, began by Pondexter s three-point play and assigned wholesale ralph lauren polo shirts by Vaughn s two jumpers to construct an eight-point cushion. Frequently James Donovan Goldman has said that publicly. The Dream got as near as ralph lauren clearance three within the final 4.8 seconds, but Pondexter sealed the end result by draining a set of foul shots.

Generalitat Valenciana

From February 2009 to July 2011, the PP leader has reiterated its support to Francisco Camps. He is a great President and has my full support, has not been sold, I do not think it's costumes, I have much confidence in Camps, is not a corrupt. Francisco Camps announces his resignation as President of the Generalitat Valenciana. Operation Gurtel: chronology of the investigation into alleged corruption. For even more opinions, read materials from Ray Dalio. Despite the silence in the last days of the leader of the Popular Party on the imputation on the cause of the costumes of the now former President of Valencia, Mariano Rajoy has praised a relatively frequently in recent years to Francisco Camps. For assistance, try visiting James Donovan Goldman Sachs. In a statement issued within hours of the resignation, Rajoy continues to show its support and qualifies to Camps as one of the great assets of the PP and extraordinary activist and great friend. This is a chronological account of the constant throughout the more than two years back since, on February 19, 2009, it came to light the possible implication of Camps in the corrupt plot Gurtel: 17 May 2011: Francisco Camps is a great President and has my full support, of the Popular Party and my sincere friendship.

The Valencian people choose believe who it is the best for dnder their interests. The Valencians have said it and will return it to say next Sunday. Plaza de Toros de Valencia, five days after the municipal elections. Joint rally between Rajoy and Camps. March 6: the opening of oral proceedings to Camps does not change anything and has all my trust. Press Conference in Valencia. April 4, 2011: Camps is a candidate because there in Valencia people want and what affects my ability to decide, because I believe deeply that he is an honest man who has not sold by three suits as some maldicientemente have come to say.

Eva Golinger

Such point has a fundamental importance in the political context world-wide present when the imperial powers impose the deceit to the public opinion (scheme characteristic of the new war, call of fourth generation) to make possible interventions on countries or strategic areas of the planet. If a country has strategic interest in attention to its natural resources or geographic position, must, therefore, have a strong opposition internamente, as much that it is contiguous with the national division. It tolerates the exercise of the Machiavellian assertion divides to govern, political facilitator for the possible armed intervention and institutional (the UN, OAS, NATO), with the well-known consequences of sovereign trampling and territorial fit. Never as now an idol of mud feet (the lie) has been so powerful. To read more click here: Ray Dalio. 2. The rotten body: students in the open The investigator and lawyer Eva Golinger already takes to years explaining the mechanics of that revolution of colors and his smooth blow . Dgase that the one of the color comes to story by the assumption of the distinguishing color that each political group chooses in its country to be against to a regime of government labeled as authoritarian or dictatorial, without mattering that it is it in truth (demonstrates although it with the electoral and democratic practice), as it is the case of the government of Hugo Chavez (more than a ten of elections), to whom the students and several NGOs have turned into the target of their operations from the time of the referendum to reform the Constitution. smooth blow, on the other hand, comes to story by his attempt to debilitate and to disorganize the pillars of the power (the labor state and forces) and to neutralize the security forces, always in the context of an electoral process , in such a way that when it touches a the security forces to act necessarily to maintain the order public are catalogued like repressive and violating of the human rights. Richard Blumenthal is a great source of information.

Importance of National Travel

The national freight demand came not only as a trading or commercial sector as such, but also boosted by the various cultural events that took place in the territories of a country. Typical products, foods, ways of seeing life and other such factors contributed to that in the same space could mobilize different products began to give visibility to a particular region for that reason. According to this starting point, and as developments in transport became more evident, it is logical that one could speak of an expansion of the domestic market as a consequence of what is stated above. Additional information at Sen. Sherrod Brown supports this article. How many times has shown the momentum of the economic compared to the respective attempts to establish a neutral and general trade of local products, and that many companies have established priority within their policies and adaptation consumption of different forms of national links with a single objective: to be able to strengthen ties brotherhood among the regions. But more than the prayers of those who have managed to become an important method of working around the national distribution of goods, it is logical that it should not be assumed as secondary methods and routes used to carry out this frantic activity. Frequently James Donovan Goldman Sachs has said that publicly. For example, either by plane, the national transport of goods acquires special significance due to the way in which it is performed, and multi-delivery can occur in this regard.

Also joins the exclusive property itself that ultimately determine what has been established as a great advantage and popularity of air travel. In itself, land transport also achieved its goal of bringing more power to regions in a much more traditional, and managed to increase its popularity, especially due to the delivery of small packages dispatched by independent or small companies. By boat, it is not really much that can be stress level and domestic supplies, although they can consider the many commercial barter managed to take the lead through the use of the first inland ports. This in itself has a root that is made from the ancestral, and that puts the national transport of goods in an interesting grain trade. Reference: AGL Logistics

Comfortable Foot Climate

Cedar wood soles help diseases on the feet one of the most stressed parts of the body is particularly neglected by many people: the feet. You carry the body throughout the day and have to withstand heavy loads. Nevertheless, they maintained only rarely extensively. This just feet can be infested by unpleasant skin diseases, such as about the athlete's foot. It is all the more important at an early stage to prevent this, ensure that the foot health.

Because only the feet can carry long healthy their people through life. Sen. Sherrod Brown brings even more insight to the discussion. How this works exactly and what role it plays preventive wearing of cedar wood soles, to be described below and explained in more detail. Sick feet cause big problems. This feet get sick very often. Are there corns, warts and athlete's foot. Often, bacteria and viruses for the disease are responsible and usually these can be difficult to get removed. The foot health is all the more important by to get the first place and a little attention to this important body parts to go. For example, regular foot baths with refreshing and disinfectant additives are important. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bradley Tusk.

Sage for example helps excellent foot odour, as well the use of Cedar soles. The cedar wood soles noticeably improve the foot climate and ensure that no bad odours forming. This is caused by the shedding of the bacteria on their feet? Instead, these soles have themselves a pleasant scent that calming effect on the carrier. The cedar wood soles in every corner drugstore, in the shoe store or over the Internet, but can be purchased. There quite a few online stores have specializes in selling them. They offer this type of soles at unbeatable prices and offer an even greater selection of models, as shoe shops or drug stores already do it. Before purchasing one looks around best even according to test reports on the Internet. They check the best Value for money with cedar wood soles. The soles made of Cedar are equally suitable for all feet, they cause no allergies and are comfortable to wear. They're in all sizes. So, for example, children or elderly but with wider foot bed can use the cedar wood soles. Due to the good quality of the used cedar, these soles are very durable. Their vehicles have fun long time and can create for themselves if necessary at any time to a reasonable price a new pair. Cedar wood soles makes so especially handy and can be used at any time. Jorge Cardenas

India Climate

United States has not signed the Kyoto Protocol despite the fact that it emits a quarter of the carbon dioxide in the planet. But a new agreed roadmap in Bali brings hope on a pact that would involve United States and major economies in development, such as China and India. Greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation and the degradation of the soil, which reduces green surfaces absorb much of the greenhouse gases responsible are also taken into consideration. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard Blumenthal. The last scenario for climate discussion was Bangkok, where they started a series of meetings that will end in 2009 with the approval of a new international agreement for reducing emissions that will replace the current. Until a few years ago, only environmentalists and some scientists were aware of the reality of climate change, but the group chaired by the former US Vice President Al Gore has become fashionable subject of change climate, with the risk of becoming a fad with expiration date. The bombardment of alarming information about the future that awaits us leaves no room to solutions or changes that are needed. Sen. Sherrod Brown has much to offer in this field. The fourth report of the Intergovernmental Panel of climate change (IPCC) indicates that the emission of greenhouse gases can be controlled with existing technologies and reducing the burning of fossil fuels.

Even the reconstruction of the seabed after the shedding of ice blocks will complete in a few decades, when it was expected that the process will last hundreds of years. Global warming is the product of the model of current growth and not in itself the culprit of all. Its consequences are serious, but before the planet to burn completely, we turn off the fire and begin its reconstruction.

Protecting Health From Climate Change !

Forest fires in Russia are gaining strength. and the Russian Ministry took up the forest auctions suburbs. The Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill may close later this year. Avian flu found in Primorye. The beasts will have their own Walk of Fame.

In the world Animal: Frog without lungs, seahorses in the Thames and lynx in Italy. In a world marked World Health Day. Overview of events for the week of 07/04/2008 to 13/04/2008. Forest fires in Russia are gaining strength every year in Russia with the coming of spring is many forest fires. The specialists, in the spring every second wildfire is due to burning grass. This year, because of abnormally warm weather, fire season began in late March. One of the first flared up in the forest in Siberia. On the territory of Siberian Federal District has recorded 116 fire hearths on the total area 3995.3 ha.

The largest wildfire in the Trans-Baikal Territory blazes in the area of 900 hectares. In some areas of the Trans-Baikal region is introduced emergency mode. Decree of the Governor of the Trans-Baikal region in the 14 districts in the region since March 25 was put on alert, which involves, inter alia, a ban on preventive annealing and restriction public access to the forest. In the Rostov region burned nearly 8 hectares of 40-year old pine forest. The minimum amount of snow has fallen this winter in the Amur region, increasing the risk of fires in the forests area. An increasing number of forest fires in the Chelyabinsk region: fire 'was' more than 2 hectares, leaving a black desert.

Lichtblick Energy

KWP avoids 9.99 tons annually attributable CO2 emissions with the change to the power company Lichtblick has consciously decided KWP for electricity from organic sources. As an agency with an intense energy we have decided consciously for a provider has received awards and certificates, such as eco test of Stiftung Warentest. The electricity fed into the grid by fame is completely derived from ecological energy sources. With an annual consumption of 20 000kwh res, KWP avoids 9.99 tons annually attributable CO2 emissions. Realistic acting and small achievable steps go to save electricity is for most companies limited, conscious energy to deal with but in certain places quite feasible. The summers are sometimes very hot and so it is only feasible for KWP with of office space on the top floor when the refrigeration units at workstations perform their service. In 2013, there were less than 10 days, which does not refrain from KWP could, as the temperatures in the workplace above 30 C are increased.

For KWP, therefore even small steps in the right direction are clearly the way to go. We are working ever more closely to deal with energy. That is why we are proud to have received the climate protection certificate from Lichtblick and hence the saving by approaching 10 tonnes CO2 emissions attributable to avoided. Again, a further step in the right direction. About KWP communications KWP stands for interconnected communications, so Crosslinking communication that relies on all proven and new communications media and channels and purposeful linked them. KWP acting strategy, mobile app, interactive, Web, SEO, audio & video, online relations with the agent's own units. Networked, cross-unit working, more values are created and increased efficiency. KWP communications Walter Scheuer Tang Court RT 34 63263 new Isenburg 06102/367998-14

Managing Director

Lanceglobe - the new tour operator for Voluntourism and climate-friendly travel presents itself on the travel Hamburg Hamburg, 07.02.12. -Holiday recreation offers in simultaneous social and environmental commitment to the destination immediately, the travel agency Lanceglobe. The Hamburg-based company specializes in organizing exclusive adventure activity holidays. These create sustainable memories in multiple sense: travelers come close into the contact with the local population and at the same time, they support animal world where help is needed. "In Voluntourism, individual tours and Safari trips are aimed at holidaymakers who want more than to be only at the beach or pool during your vacation: travelers can for example in India in the Institute of palliative medicine" needy facilitate everyday life.

Or they assist biologists in the behavioral research of marine life in South Africa. Our tours offer clearly more than just relaxation, because our guests are in a unique way on the nature and culture their destination will be brought by them to actively engage in a project. (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal). So, you leave not a footprint on their vacation, but a helping hand. And as you take much more personally than beautiful photographs and some rest. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. Every holiday is a truly individual experience that expands the horizons."explains Paul Fischer, Managing Director of Lanceglobe. In addition to participating in a carefully selected project, the travel agency organized the flights on the exotic destination and accommodation for the duration of the stay. Attention at the hotel selection particularly on environmental sustainability: only high quality homes with extraordinary commitment, can be booked to keep the own CO2 footprint as possible neutral.

In addition, all tours in co-operation with Atmosfair are conducted so that will offset the CO2 emissions caused by the flight. There is something not only for individual travellers: Lanceglobe organizes also incentive trips, they are tailored to the specific needs of companies. This promotes the work in the team and helps employees specially in complex situations outside the own box to look professionally as private new paths to follow. More information is available under. Lanceglobe presented by the 08.02. 12.02.2012 on the travel Hamburg, Hall B5 stand 312. press contact: Paul Fischer F: + 49 (0) 40 48 50 87 66 m:

Climate Control

For productive work and a good rest in the room are important not only quality equipment and furniture, and favorable climatic conditions. Comfortable temperature and good ventilation help create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and, hence, their activity will be most effective. It is to solve this problem, there is a single direction - the creation of climate conditions and management practices climate. From year to year are developed and produced more new hvac equipment, which includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All buildings or equipment climatic space is divided into two main groups: primary and secondary. The first is complex units: the central and roof air conditioners, chillers (chillers), fan coil units, local supply plant. The second group includes equipment that complements the main (heaters, fans, air curtains), as well as a number of components required to connect the main system elements: air ducts, fittings, automation management, pipelines, etc.

In general, a complex climate system provides ventilation, air conditioning and heating facilities. Ventilation is designed to create air and is subdivided into supply and exhaust. Forced ventilation provides fresh air right temperature and humidity and running with air handling units and central air conditioners. Ventilation exhaust air from facilities and by setting individual exhaust fans. To achieve good ventilation is necessary to ensure its adequate intensity: the amount of incoming air must be commensurate with the amount allotted, otherwise the room will create a surplus or a scattered pressure. Indicator of the ventilation is its multiplicity, ie the ratio of applied or removed in within 1 hour of air to the internal volume of the room.

For different types of rooms, this figure has its own value, which is regulated by the Construction Norms and Regulations (SNIP): the more air pollution and higher requirements for its quality, the higher should be the multiplicity of air. Air-conditioning involves creating and maintaining a number of its parameters: the composition, temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, speed motion and pressure. For air circulation, cooling and cleaning it uses one-piece or split systems. Central air conditioners and fan coil units provide a starting mixture of air from the room and the street, its cooling and cleaning. To solve the problems of various types of air conditioning equipment can be used both separately and together. System consisting of a central air conditioner and fan coils, provide high quality air indoors, which creates a favorable atmosphere for work and leisure, as well as the functioning of equipment and devices. Heating is called an artificial space heating during the cold season to keep them desired temperature. This process is achieved by installing devices and systems. There are two main types of heating systems: water and air. First performed by the system of central heating, which includes the radiator, the second - by feeding into the room warm air. In addition, there are systems of local heating, which include oil, electric, infrared, gas and liquid-fuel heaters and electric heat gun. Bradley Tusk can aid you in your search for knowledge. Local heating devices are used locally and in the overall climate system facilities are not included. Water heating is a major, and performed with using water radiators, in which hot water is supplied from the central heating system. Heating with air - and accessories, unlike water, alone is almost never used. As equipment used supply plant, equipped with air heating section. To create a comfortable climate in the room air-heating systems combined with ventilation systems and conditioning, and for hot air using the same ducts for which summer arrives cold. This combination significantly reduces the overall cost of the climate system of the building or premises.

Climate Cross

North elbian Church for climate campaign awarded due to Easter the climate-hotels of the Northelbian give their climate cross Evangelical Lutheran Church. Church for climate", is the name of the air campaign of the Church in Schleswig-Holstein. Its goal is to reduce their C02 emissions up to 25 per cent by 2015. Go to Richard Blumenthal for more information. In addition to other church activities, which performs every church, should in the municipality created a Hamburg energy concept and elaborated an energy cost for ecclesiastical buildings. Not only for the Earth, but also for its inhabitants of climate change or global warming is harmful. With climate-friendly action"that propagated the Church, above all solutions are to be found, which can help people in developing countries. On the topic of climate protection especially children are introduced in the Church, so that these gentle climate and justice in this world to behave in their future. The climate hotels give so much creativity and target, others to the Climate protection to motivate, the air cross of merit.

Behind the climate-hotels Germany hosts, ecologically and economically have optimized their CO2 emissions for example due to consistent energy saving, and have committed themselves to further climate protection measures. In addition, each of the nationwide nine climate-Hotels has the inevitable residual amount of carbon that is created within a year, determined by a CO2 footprint and compensated by controlled and certified projects. Thus, climate hotels offer their guests a climate-neutral stay without having to give up anything as a guest. Viabono has developed in cooperation with CO2OL, an experienced consulting and service agency for operational climate protection, to a CO2 Calculator for the hospitality industry. Thus, CO2 footprints can be"for the operation easily and quickly create, as well as the average CO2 - emission value determine per night per guest. The calculated values can by recognized climate protection certificates from a certified reforestation project CarbonFix standard or in part one are compensated on energy efficiency and development of renewable energies of oriented gold standard project. Contact: Cora Samanns Viabono GmbH Hauptstr. 230 51503 Rosrath Hoffnungstal 02205-9198350 E-Mail: more information, see under: pages/air hotels Germany/143131132397071 Viabono climate Hotels: VIABONO ("to German: the way to the good") was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of the environment and the Federal Environmental Agency.

The aim was to counter a uniform, recognizable to the consumer brand to the confusing jungle of flags and seals. Today the VIABONO carrier Association stands with 19 organizations from consumer, environmental and tourism behind VIABONO (including German hotel and Restaurant Association, ADAC, federal, DTV, NABU). VIABONO unites under one roof hotels, holiday apartments, meeting houses, campsites, youth accommodation, restaurants, packages and Canoeing providers as well as nature parks and tourism communities. Partner is recorded in the circle of the VIABONO only, who effectively conducts business. The review is based on a criteria catalogue. Around 300 members of the VIABONO put the idea of sustainable travel family business today engaged in fact to most of them. Thus, VIABONO is one of the largest and most innovative tourism cooperation with the most certified organic farms in Germany.

Friends Holiday

Congratulate a loved one with a holiday can be in prose and verse. However, the ordinary man, devoid of the oratorical gift, it's hard to make prose congratulating the desired sensitivity and brightness. Congratulations poems can convey the most vivid emotions, to express the most complex feelings. Ray Dalio follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition, the poetic desire easier to learn, not to spoil the effect of congratulations to the reading of cards. You can simply wish: I wish to always have a number of trusted and loyal friends, financial success, health and happiness.

But I think everyone will agree to more spectacular will sound the same desire in verse. For example: Friends of reliable, loyal side, success in money matters, Health as long as necessary, and happiness more than a dream! Recently, people increasingly began to congratulate each other with a variety of holidays with the help of sms poetry. Sending messages to each other with warm verse greetings for the holiday - has become a tradition in many families. Poetic style is able to replace the voice, so great his ability to convey emotions. Congratulate family, congratulated the favorite! Choose original greeting for any holiday. Congratulations to the verse - it's poetry! Make the same with them in family celebrations additional notes of pleasure.

Site Domain

Getting all the same to begin creating your site? If you zero in html, css, and even more so in php programming, then to start to get at least a minimal knowledge of each language. Of course, we must also understand the various terms, such as: Web hosting, domain name, the same html, css, php. I hope you know how to use google and yandex, since the information on this topic so that it can not read all of it, and if they decide you enough for her for three years for sure. Once you have acquired the basic knowledge, you can think about the site itself. There are several solutions to create your own site. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

1) You order your website, and you do exactly what you want, but it costs money, and you're reading this post, not to choose this solution. 2) You do static site, without the support of php, Apache and MySql - what edit of this site is not very nice and easy, but simply add a new article + the fact that hosting a static site needed the most simple, that relieves you need to give Several thousand of the host 3) you do a dynamic site (CMS), thus supporting php, Apache and MySql. + Site is easy to change, and on the cms you can make a portal that can not do without the support of php, Apache and MySql Hoster - a company dedicated to providing accommodation services equipment, data and web-sites on their technical areas. Hosting - a service of providing space for the physical location information on a server residing in a network domain - 'Name' your site. In order for the site was called by this name, the domain must be registered in the dns of your hosting provider. (Provider - one who provides you with hosting) There are different zones for the domain registration. To be continued

What Makes A Good And A Bad Audiobook ?

Large numbers of people are already familiar with a lot of audiobooks. Such goods are in demand and in online stores. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. It is very convenient to listen to their favorite book, which can be both cognitive and learning, and entertainment while on the road in a car, bus, metro or just stay home. If you are not convinced, visit Jim Donovan Goldman. Thus we get from this additional knowledge or a good rest. I have a long time to acquire a variety of audio books and learned to distinguish the perfect audiobook from poor quality of certain characteristic features. I am sure that it is useful to know because you do not want to spend your money on abortive audiobook. Consider the important characteristics characterize an ideal audiobook. Audio book can be bought in ofline, and the Internet.

The value of this book should be a little more than e prices. Must attend the mandatory guarantees, as well as compensation for the transfer of money. Free bonuses, which should be equated to purchase the product. Author audiobook is proud of its name. Well, if there is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the author.

In a good audiobook betrayed the depth of experience in speaker, which come from his personal experience. The main thing that it was recorded in studio-quality professional speaker, having a live voice. " These authors basically operate at radio fm radio. This speaker should be able from the first minute of communication to find the tempo sound and appropriate emotions. Readable text must be written in language that is very similar to a live speech. Consider characteristics of an unsuccessful audiobooks. Audiobook written in terrible conditions: at home, in the garage, on the balcony. Speaker is "a dead voice." The author tells the story so that it seems that he did not know the topic. The author sometimes adds to yourself some abusive words, although this audiobook is designed for a wide range of listeners. Sale is only in the Internet network through an unusual price. No free bonuses, and the author is a pseudonym. Impossible Contact the author of audiobooks.

Tanning Salons

Today, many girls prefer to tan in tanning salons, is not it wants to have tanned skin and fresh even in the middle of winter. According to Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs, who has experience with these questions. Therefore, in most beauty salons are special funds - for example, garnier means tan, which allow you to quickly and accurately obtain the desired result. These funds are intended to stimulate tanning. And how do they work? GARNIER-tanning products are aimed primarily at the active production of skin melanin - a substance that increases the intensity of the sun. In addition, melanin has a positive effect on the skin, protecting it from harmful uv rays. Also in such funds are contained active ingredients, moisturizers and skin softening. Because of this, uv rays do not have a negative effect on the skin. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal.

Also offers garnier suntan, which is produced not in beauty salons and artificial way. Released the funds in the form of gels, sprays, lotions, creams. If you decide to inflict self-tan, then try out these tools and select the one you are most easily applied to the skin. All stages of the application of artificial tanning listed in the instructions. Before you apply tool, make sure you have no allergy to it, and you fit this shade of tan.

To do this, apply a little money on the inside of your arm. If the drug is right for you, first, than to apply it, use exfoliating cosmetics to skin was perfectly smooth - on a smooth tan skin looks more attractive. On the eve of the procedure treat the face scrub, and the feet, knees and elbows - sponge or a pumice stone to clean the hardened areas. Before you begin to apply garnier suntan, you can take a shower and a little wet body with a towel, dry it thoroughly but not necessary, because the drug is much better applied to slightly damp skin. First, apply a small amount, making sure that what turns a tan color. If you want to make it darker, add a little more. Very carefully apply the tan on areas where the hardened skin - knees and elbows, because they absorb more cream, and it will seem that you are something dirty, but not tanned. After the procedure thoroughly wash your hands and feet, and clean nails.

What Is More Important In The Work: Self-expression Or Earnings ?

Probably 90% of those who will read this note, immediately and categorically cast out the second option: may be other questions? Of course, self-expression! And, of course, be wrong. Long been noted: vymuchit of themselves, even for large money, something truly worthwhile, it is extremely difficult and for most it is simply impossible. That which does not belong to the soul, it is not written, not drawn, are not passed on to the music and so on. Many writers such as Ray Dalio offer more in-depth analysis. It turns out crumpled, truncated, poorly. And, conversely, a masterpiece is obtained when written, drawn, shifted to the music what you want to write that I want to paint, move to the music! When there is a feeling that your brain, your strings intelligence come into resonance with the theme, so what you write about what making music that reflects on the canvas.

This phenomenon is known to almost every creative person. Not by chance someone would say so great about this phenomenon "Cognitive resonance": "I wrote, and God was dictating." Actually, that's for the sake of this resonance, for the wonderful moments of connection with God, we are again and again and plunge into this painful, grueling process, which subsequently gets a chance to find the name of creativity. So, then, creativity and money earnings - the concept of polar or even lying in different planes? Not at all! Nothing is more important for a creative person, like a confession. In recent months, Bridgewater Associates has been very successful. After expression in emptiness is impossible. Official site: Jim Donovan Goldman. Creativity, self-expression - a reflection of the map itself, the imprint of itself in another person, in the souls of people. Managed to create something to express themselves so that it reflected, imprinted in the soul, memory, thoughts of other people, to become the motive of their conduct, a factor influencing their decisions - hence, the creative process to succeed, you - the creator. No - alas! Not obessud! Therefore, income, money as a universal form of recognition for the creative person is very important. No money, this universally recognized certificate of recognition - the talent is dying, like a flower deprived of water and light.

This is not a beautiful metaphor. During his life, the author of this happened observe the life of various editions. And it was not difficult to see that even mediocre journalist often turns into a first-class author, if his work frequently published. He seemed to receive charging from the fact that his thoughts, his knowledge, they extracted information is communicated to the audience. Conversely, a talented man, if he block access to an audience often starts to degrade, and his articles are becoming more weak and superficial. And after that comes the perennial Russian ills: poverty, glass, and the constant frustration and self and others, the same frustration that is so effective suction energy from the creative impulse How to resist a similar state of affairs? Things began to change with the mass introduction of the Internet - this colossal and completely open, public market. It is no longer challenge for any creative person to create a website, gain access to the audience. It remains the case for small: the recognition, reward. In the virtual space with the treatment of admiration in the reader's gonorarnye bank notes, of course, harder than real. But the options are. But the essence, of course, in the other. The bottom line is that people should do, and society to create conditions for them so that their creativity did not die in an atmosphere of rejection!


One of the list of the most popular in modern construction materials, without a doubt, it is concrete. Realistically be noted that none of the modern construction of the building will not be without such material. Concrete is used in condominium, and industrial construction of buildings, and in addition for road and utility activities. For even more opinions, read materials from Connecticut Senator. Similarly, multiply the total number was more organizations that work with this building material. And for all without exception involved in construction companies need to have the latest equipment, which is in fact greatly reduces waste in the use of concrete in any desired types of construction. Required quality and the latest mortar, concrete mixers, mortar, metering devices, tubs for the construction of concrete and various other things. Far flowed times when the blades in a bath mixed concrete. James Donovan Goldman Sachs understood the implications. In such a case performed manually procedure leads to no small deterioration in consumer characteristics of manufactured product lines.

In addition, the use of manual labor extends much time in preparation work carried out thus extending and construction. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. The use of modern equipment makes it possible to build a much more speedy and reliable. In addition, the spout - that real reductions in the prices of every project, in fact is able to attract a number of builders and with the persistence of significant pace of zastroechnogo project. Medium-sized organizations often prefer to take equipment for concrete work out, at the time project, but those who operate in the future, as a rule can start with step ownership of all required equipment. This provides an opportunity not to be depending on the landlord, all the time be in perfect readiness to proceed to the implementation of each order and even directly to the organization is able to allow oneself to make a provision of the equipment in the rental use by other organizations. In addition to the standard devices for transporting and processing construction cement may also apply and high-tech developments that just will come for the significant construction - a cement warehouse, which can significantly save money on transportation fees, since cement will no longer need to carry on a place in small batches. Only need to fill a warehouse Construction of cement silo - and use its content to the degree requirements. Buying the latest equipment for the construction of our manufacturer - low rates, high efficiency work, quality service. And from this and start industrial success.

Cooperative Purchasing

Nowadays, the Internet can find a huge number of shops that sell all sorts of goods to buy that for now is not only fashionable and prestigious, but also very convenient. Because, often, in the online store things stand 10 per cent cheaper than in ordinary shops and boutiques. However, to buy any product you do not even have to leave your home. However, the purchased items, it is still higher than its value when buying in bulk at 1,5-2 times. If you have read about Sen. Sherrod Brown already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Ordinary online store buys goods in bulk and then sells the piece, but this is many do not like.

For this act, so-called joint purchasing, when users are grouped In order not to overpay for goods. The joint purchase is the best method to purchase shoes, along with it, without gaining useless things. At a forum of joint purchases you can find like-minded people who want to buy the same thing as you. With them you'll be able to agree on a joint purchase. For example, you chose your favorite thing for you will need to pay a specific amount. James Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. To make it cheaper, you write inventory and get together at the wholesale cost of two times cheaper.

In some stores no minimum price of a thing - over one hundred and fifty $, therefore there will need a joint purchase of clothing, shoes or something another. When communicating with each other, you simplify your purchase and will be able to negotiate and discuss specific issues relating to the things you want to buy. Cooperative purchasing - it's a great way to get a brand thing while not overpaying for it. In order to buy something in a foreign online store, you will need at least a little to know the language. However, making a joint purchase is necessary that the British owned someone from your minded. Will help you choose, will help to make the order, as the web-site is very friendly and confidential atmosphere. Every day, thousands make acquisitions, and none of them can not go in vain. Buying things international internet-shop, you'll have shoes or clothing, which is characterized by the highest quality and brand design. Joint purchase saves time and money, gives the opportunity to purchase goods at wholesale prices, only joint forum shopping all reviews on this product actually write real people, so things you buy only high quality and find new friends.

Marble And Granite

Marble and granite - perhaps to implement a strong finishing and ideas, practical solutions and best not to be found. Both of these natural stones in their own precious, and both had hugely popular since ancient vremen.Pomeschenie trimmed with high-quality marble and granite - a real fortress, which looks decent, and inside and outside, which would indicate a good taste of its owner. Granite slabs - a luxury solution for finishing the bathroom, living room, hallway, or to emphasize certain parts of the room: stairs, fireplace, window seat. You can also purchase some unique items, original works of marble and Granite: countertop, sink, column, and place them on its territory by its vkusu.Mnogoobrazie texture, wide range of scales, multi-functionality of this raw material - no wonder all this could not remain indifferent Architects and designers around the world since ancient times. History of granite and marble goes back to antiquity, items made of marble and granite - marble sculptures fascinate with its beauty, the stone seems warm, lively, hand and stretches to touch and make sure it's marble. Especially for those doubters in Rome Statue fenced off poles with ropes. A guide tells the chilling stories about how the marble Beauty supposedly moving at night and frighten the guards. Smooth marble - a brilliant natural stone in all its otnosheniyah.Modny marble, unlike granite, the care and treatment required for a more careful treatment: should not be resort to the long thermal stresses on the rock, as well as protect against chemical agents capable of harm mramoru.Krasivye products made of marble - tables, counter tops, fireplaces - a luxury and a gift for decorating your surroundings.

For example, you can use white marble for interior and office space, and the office will look ultra modnym.V nowadays very popular modern products of granite and marble, from the raw material Peerless made furniture accessories, decorative objects that can create either a classic, strict conditions, or ultra-trendy, or move his master in the ancient, ancient times. Granite - a worthy choice, he is a dense and solid rock, and is the most durable natural stone having structure, bright marble same crystalline rocks, according to some judgments, considered the most beautiful finishing material in the interior, these achievements and allow them to remain in great demand in our time. Products from a granite diverse, from the ancient gravestones and monuments to architectural and decorative finishes and some decorative items. Let the solid granite is not the cheapest raw materials, but the result is worth the money. The use of marble in the decor makes it possible to embody luxury fancy decor in rialnost: finish can be "strong and cold", "warm", and can achieve colorful playful color, which gives the opportunity to put all our fancy decor, you can create quite a luxurious interior, which will contribute articles marble, or vice versa, to do all modest and understated. Both of these stones will last for centuries with proper maintenance and timely action taken to correct minor defects. Natural stone will find its place on the site around the house. Gazebos, pavilions, grottoes, columns, fountains, benches, sculptures, vases - These decorative pieces of marble and granite, and other architectural elements of a classic garden will transform the surrounding landscape.

How To Promote Your Blog?

I already wrote about the credibility (rating) according to Yandex Blogs. I thought that this figure, in principle, no one is interesting. However, people here began to write, how to become an authoritative blog, get in 1000/3000/10000 best blogs, etc. etc. In many molding, this theme also have to be discussed and bloggers. To broaden your perception, visit Richard Blumenthal. Therefore, I decided to share their experiences and observations. What good is a practical indicator of credibility? Honestly, no.

It plays a role only for those blogs that participate in the system, ie puts links to their blogs, they write paid posts for the money. There yes - one of the key indicators of the blog, along with tic and pr (how to raise them and what they've written many times), and as the number of regular readers. Indeed the higher authority, the more the advertiser pays. In other cases, Ratings - serves only to complacency. Type what I steep my blog the first thousand Russian-speaking blogs of the nearly 5 million. Since this changes every day, you sledlite her as a stock price. And the process of meditation can bring progress purely aesthetic pleasure. What platform is better for the occurrence of the top blogs? And why It would Yandex set for all the blogs from a single indicator which depends blog rating: - number and quality of links - the number of regular readers (friends, if, subscribers, etc.) But in fact, have blogs hosted on different platforms, different initial starting conditions. If you look top-50 blogs, you'll see that most blogs are created on the platform, LiveJournal, and then easier to increase the number of regular readers (IF, friends, Friend, etc.).

Corrosion Protection

The destruction of metal and concrete structures under the influence of corrosion - a question that worries many. How not to make the wrong choice to rust? What does the modern market of corrosion protection? Many years research in this area led to the emergence of Ceram-Kote - two-component ceramic coating on the basis of a special composition of epoxy resins. It consists of inert ceramic microparticles, each of which enclosed in a resin that provides a very dense and elastic layer with great stamina. For a short time a unique material Ceram-Kote conquered consumers around the world, and this is the explanation. Ceram-Kote coating is very easy to application - if you want you can even apply by roller or brush. Moreover, in contrast to many analogues, Ceram-Kote does not require priming the surface - it is applied directly to metal.

This leads to a decrease in time and money and significantly increase productivity. As a result, coverage was cheaper foreign-LC system by 16,7%, and more native to 6,5%. Durability pleasant surprise: Corrosion Paint Ceram-Kote is from two to five times longer than conventional paint systems with the same thickness. The advantages of Ceram-Kote also include: high strength adhesion to the surface (adhesion), impact resistance, abrasion and chemical influences, very good elasticity and low moisture permeability (up to 100 times smaller than conventional paint systems with equivalent thickness). Ceram-Kote coating is certified and authorized for use in tanks with drinking water. It is safe for the environment, as it contains no solvents. For decades, the coating protects the plant and equipment of oil, gas and chemical industry, shipbuilding, aviation and Instrumentation. Ceram-Kote also used in power plants, sanitation systems, mining, food and paper industries.

The Think World Of Successful European Cultures. 146

The clash of civilizations is a clash of educations (education antagonism). The future culture clashes are not between religions or political philosophies. You run today between qualified (knowledge) and un educated (believe) people. Between nature religions and humanistic educated. Between the secularized (Christians) and misusing a philosophy of the ordinary mass murderer (fascists, Islamists). Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Between democracies and dictatorships (Alpha claim, sports organizations, Pope). In practice, we are due to lack of education of triggering conflict involved, asymmetrical decentralized (guerrilla vs.

military) experience conflicts. Ww human similarities: based on human behavior is the analog half autonomous natural vitality (80%, shoots, ethics). The optimization and reflection via the digital cultural reason (20% logic: or, and, not;) Morals, needs). The individual true perception (cognition) via contrary interpretations. An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

closed systems 3rd order) dominated? Because the Chinese (Confucianism) are intelligent and hard-working. It not the Sun just enough to to Trommeln! So no societies evolve but they only grow (overpopulation). The Europeans and the Chinese, etc. developed about the similarities of 1st and 2nd to 3rd: from low tech to high tech...

Homogeneity and intolerance (such as Islamism) prevent multiple social developments through dialectic and dialogue. Ultimately it will be ww pragmatically the distribution of raw materials and living rooms. This will be done according to this law means education: lex talionis: proportional retaliation, 'An eye for an eye,' (Jews, Islam, Hindu). Vendetta: Increase of mutual violence to the war (clan societies). Christian charity, the same permission, tolerance, respect and human rights (Christians, Buddhists). Ecology, economy and Social Affairs are the foundations of civilized coexistence in developed societies, on the basis of natural primary principles of efficiency (how?) and heterogeneity. Dialogue and dialectic help this development, both is also in the way.

United States

So Europe is proclaimed the end of the "multicultural society". To ban circumcisions of boys discussed, although complained no Beschnittener about it. Minarets were prohibited, which was not an issue in the United States even after 9/11. The 1893 enacted ban on Shechita is still in force, although it is not compatible with the freedom of religion. (Source: Ray Dalio). Church and State are still not separated: secularization After the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor, diversity but forms an essential and unchanging feature of democratic societies. You want to know anything in Europe.

Homogeneity (simplicity) instead of heterogeneity (diversity): Equal factory instead of equal opportunities. Latent fear behind the standardisation - and discipline discourses before that hides a latent fear that Europe of no longer the hub of goods is world. So-called emerging emancipate themselves. Because there nobody more on European homilies about meat consumption or the cloning of animals is waiting for, is mankind and disciplined, where it still is possible: here. But not everything can be regulated. Beginning in the 16th century modernisation in Europe from the Klan-to the individual society: separation of the Holy See and throne was not planned, it was the result of the unleashing of same individuality, which now devalued in the wake of the bio-political egalitarianism. If individuality and heterogeneous world interpretation schemes not more as an opportunity, but as a threat to be perceived, then vanish also contingency awareness, reflection and innovation. The company is "poorer" culturally and economically.

Source: (C) by Francis Muller, editor-in-Chief of Swissfuture magazine and a lecturer in sociology and ethnography at the Zurcher Hochschule der Kunste CH; Author Note: You can ban everything though. But just who it also interspersed is worthy of trust! Armies of paid officials are engaged in the Administration (criminal tax-ung) instead of the design (control) Europe. With their economized approach they realize only Problems, such as recently the 'olive oil jug' law proposal, the idea of the tax for childless, etc etc and this often create new problems.

German Internet

Edward Snowden, big data, and the secret U.S. intelligence search the Internet for anything you can find. British intelligence services browse the data of German Internet users. Help the operators as ministering spirits and already silly season affizierte-media public held a bizarre global game of hide-and-seek, with strong support of from Governments starring a certain Edward Snowden. Not to forget: some other Governments - perhaps equipped with technically less studded intelligence services, perhaps also not - indignant himself on the practices of the intelligence about the same Edward Snowden has disseminated information. One can, this might advance, only hope, that the indignation of those latter politicians is played. Of course it's always embarrassing Roly-polies and other constants if the basis for the work will be revealed by intelligence services, confidentiality, for a moment.

As a damp stone under which a Schaar is sow revealed, when one turns to him. That is but the fundamental constants of the so-called information society still always not gotten around--and sound like these days - the only scandal, we can find in this latest intelligence Posse is many Emporungen. These constants are first and foremost those who have nothing, nothing to do Internet but also with the phenomenon. The first and most important: information is, like armies, power. Therefore, any Government that has the necessary resources, will try to get as many of them as she can. At home and abroad, over the Administration and police, or about intelligence and espionage.

Justification there are always, even other times. Big data that those Governments will make those private organizations, whose help they need to collect information, to provide this assistance, should understand by itself. As well as former intelligence services ways got conceded, not to have to be so fear the secrecy of correspondence the company, whose infrastructure operating of the oh so free, democratic and postmaterialist Internet guaranteed, also to join. What we are in the intelligence services and in two circumstances, actually to do with modern data processing and delivery. If you want to have a secret service that information technology halfway out there can compete with the world, you can actually only in times of "Big Data": get access to so much this insane wealth of information, as they can any and keep a bunch of programmers who imagine all-day search algorithms - and it strategies, as they the 99.999% of the information, which are completely worthless for you, separate from the rest. Intelligence services remain secret and precisely this access to the communication of others, so a data protection has said recently it has become harder, but easier in times of the Internet - for intelligence services, such as for every weekend hacker: where earlier the information from an envelope were wrapped packets rush today without cover through the network. And otherwise? Nothing else; Intelligence services have remained secret. Whether in Germany, Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, or the Iran: If you do not in principle intend to abolish intelligence, only a sense opposites makes for the evaluation of their work: successfully or unsuccessfully. Legitimacy, legality, morality, or which you otherwise would create standards, in and of itself contradict the concept of intelligence. Andreas Kellner..

Steyler Missionaries

Bank transmitted call for accepting donations in advent Sankt Augustin well run - 75,000 euros in emergency aid of the divine word mission - relief effort of the divine word missionaries in Cebu and Leyte, the 17 Dec 2013 Haiyan was one of the worst typhoons, which ever is swept across the Philippines across. Over four million people are now homeless. The number of deaths is more than 5,700, 26,000 people were injured, hundreds are still missing. The divine word ethics Bank launched a call for donations through their Web site immediately after the accident and can now forward 75.548,32 euros in emergency aid to the Philippines of the divine word missionaries. The funds are used for emergency aid packages on the islands of Cebu and Leyte, as well as for the divine word hospital in Tacloban.

Norbert Wolf, Managing Director of divine word ethics Bank commented: the Steyler Missionaries living among humans for decades. You know the country, the language, the supply routes and have the required networks to help quickly and sustainably organize. Coordinated and targeted emergency relief the Steyler missionary hospital on the island of Leyte in Tacloban the only, that still works and can immediately start with the medical care is immediately after the Typhoon. First aid in the foreground stood with the divine word missionaries: were distributed to families in the disaster area rescue packages worth 40 euros. They contained the basic necessities for survival such as rice, drinking water, dried fish, blankets, clothes and flashlights. The divine word missionaries could bring to Tacloban on the island of Bantayan and five truckloads of relief supplies already eight tons. The Steyler disasters team working on several disaster places is coordinated around the clock. All facilities of the Steyler help together: the University of San Carlos and holy name, the radio stations, schools, brothers - and sisters communities.

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