Constitution One

In such sense, for conformity of the sectors of centroizquierda, and I believe that of all, it must announce that one will essentially be saved what is of saveable in the salient government, his social preoccupations. Everything within the respect to the Constitution and the laws, everything within the State of Right, but one that will have to become social, with all the implications of justice that carries. What it is demanded is a glance over the political misery in which been we have sunk. A pragmatic exposition to face the situation of lamentable deterioration in which we will be, but one loaded of ideas of transformation and construction of the future. The third option it must have an ample efficient and effective provision of ideas that allows to delineate a real exit. It is obvious that we must ahead have the results of the 26 of September to have with perfect clarity the analysis of the elements.

For example: as soon as the pro-government dissidence managed to erode to bureaucracy or which were the final results of the alliance of traditional parties. Not without observing, that those results are hardly watched reason for without they are constituted in fundamental element for the construction of the third option, without denying the importance of which the MUD and the PPT obtain what we will be able to denominate an acceptable voting repaid in an acceptable number of members of an assembly, because it can form a parliamentary base for the government conformation, if it is the case and we arrived at the 2012. However, the experience of all the countries where it has appeared one third option indicates the necessity of an insurgent leader that it defies. That challenge begins generally with a low percentage and on its consistency an instantaneous growth depends and quick, as it demonstrates the case to it of Antanas Mockus in Colombia, in fact one alliance of the four better mayors than has had that country and who were able to radically transform the cities that governed, to which is to add a total fatigue of the polarization. The challenging leader of the status is necessary quo, one del that comprises the government, but also the traditional opposition.

Where he is that leader? Nick Clegg happened in three weeks of absolute stranger to central personage of the political life. We are not British, is certain, but what I consider it is that it can be a until now nonfavorite personage in the cover of means. Certainly, after the 26 of September he will be all ready one for the challenge of the third option. The scene will be ready for that incarnates a new leadership collectively. original Author and source of the article.


When entering in the war, the biggest concern of American the age to explain ' ' why we lutamos' ' , mainly identifying the main enemy of the democracy, nazism and all regimes totalitarian, exactly before even Japan, its main aggressor. Another type of cinematographic production called the attention in the question Japanese, German or in such a way Italian immigration, showing that these people could release the totalitarian regimen of its country and if to take refuge in America. But when U.S.A. had entered in the war, the films left clear the concern in glorifying the qualities of the American people and denouncing the Japanese aggressor in relation to the tortures to the prisoners, the pilots that jumped of parachute, and in hiding of the people the horrors that the American soldiers had passed in the war. The Ussr: At the beginning of the war of the war the cinematographic productions in Russia were lesser in relation to the other countries, had until the difficulties found the German invasion after. But, the produced films had left clear the antinazistas intentions, showing in such a way the poverty of the agricultural population to blame the nazista invader, also divulging the claw of the Russians before the German invasion.

Although the cinema to have a significant importance in the Ussr, was not given to as much attention the cinematographic productions, since you lead them Russians if they imported more with the education, not conferring to the cinema the same importance the written word, diminishing production after 1946, when the films had been under censorship. Germany: During the nazista period in the power, the cinema was had as the main force of the propaganda, where the professionalism of the cinematographic productions took the cinema until the classrooms. It was distinguished in the films, mainly herosmo German in the first war, the image of its leader, the enemies of Germany, the communism and the Jews (anti-semitism).

Provincial Hearing

I do not know nada". Read more is likely to increase your knowledge. The Cuckoo was acquitted of the case of Marta, disappeared and presumably assassinated in January of 2009 in a house of the quarter of Leon XIII of the hispalense capital. But it was condemned to two years and eleven months of internamiento to conceal the crimes supposedly committed by its friend of legal age Miguel Carcao, who faces 52 years of jail. The Hearing of Seville has determined for next day 27 the appeal against the sentence of the Cuckoo, whereas the four defendant of legal age are judged from the 17 of October. The indignation of the family of Marta On the other hand, Antonio of the Castle, the father of the Marta young person of the Castle, has been " indignado" before the interview realised in the program Public Mirror of Antenna 3 to the minor, and it has indicated that to the minor " descaradamente&quot lies; when denying its participation in the facts. In declarations to, the father of Marta of the Castle has reduced credibility to the testimony given by the minor, who was solely condemned to two years and eleven months of internamiento in closed center followed of a month of parole over a concealment crime. In his opinion, " he has the learned good lesson and he has repeated solely like papagayo what his lawyer, Fernando de Pablo, will have said that diga&quot to him;. In this way, Antonio of the Castle has considered that the Cuckoo has granted to this interview " in order to instill pain and to soften the heart of espaoles" , and that lies " descaradamente" like the rest of the imputed ones.

Rrente to the declarations of the young person, assuring that there were lost three years of his childhood, Of the Castle has indicated that " against it, my daughter is lost vida". Of another side, Antonio of the Castle is rrido to the fact that the Section Third of the Provincial Hearing of Seville has determined for next day 27 of September the view to analyze the interposed resources of appeal against the sentence of the minor. A view that this way will be celebrated before the judgment against the four people of legal age, whose beginning is determined for next day 17 of October. Thus, it has trusting in which the firm sentence against the minor becomes public before the oral view against the of legal age defendant, since, in his opinion, " it is not just like the Cuckoo is going to declare as witness in this opinion with firm sentence. Antonio of the Castle hopes that the sentence " he is favorable" to the interests of the family. Source of the news: ' The Cuco': " Three years of my childhood and my have robbed me inocencia"

Daniel Alcides

Who I KILL CARRION? bartonella rod-shaped! , formally it died of Septicemia and Anemia, the goat milk was not enough to cure it, the soup of cow with wine was insufficient to kill these bacilli, Noguicihi and Fleming behind schedule arrived for Carrin but now the present Doctors, we continued killing Carrin, we killed in every short while with our attitude in front of the patients, trying badly our patients (as Dean Mario did it to Lopez with my old parents recently in the Lazarte Hospital), when we sat down in it consults: tired and indifferent, forgetting that there are no diseases, but ill, forgetting that each case is a case, that our patients hope to be listened to, to be examined, to be included, to be cured, with medecines and good treatment, amiable words but we continued killing Carrin in each of these cruel, magnificent acts, cold and indifferent There we killed Carrin! , we are like the Bartonella. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions may help you with your research. Where THIS BURIED CARRION? The 7 of October of 1885 were buried in the Cemetery Masterful Presbtero of Lima, in the pavilion central Santa Ana, in niche 125, letter C, in 1972 their rest was deposited in a Marble coffin and buried in the central patio of Historical Hospital 2 of May, according to the Law 25342 that declares National Hero, their rest would have to be in the Cripta of the Heroes, but according to an old guardian of the Cemetery, he insists that the same, never were removed from this field santo but really Daniel Alcides is buried in each of our hearts (of the Doctors) we have it there buried and forgotten! , covered by old woman and heavy crossings of which no, we will for this reason, cure with Soup of Cow and milk of Goat always mentioned Dr. Cabieses it said to us The medicine is but that a profession or office, are a Religion, because it is exerted with a deep humanism, is a Priesthood because it forces to serve our fellow to us, with love, diligence and respect, in spite of our fatigue, of our annoyances and our tribulations! we do not behave like bacilli of the Bartonella, We revive to Carrin of our Hearts! We revive in each of our medical acts to him that is the best tribute than we can pay this National Hero to him so forgotten, in the 124 anniversary of its heroic death.

Professionalized Brazil

The urbanization, industrialization, the new demands of the consumption markets and professional configure new conditions in which the industrial bourgeoisie and the urban work force if detach as social forces, economic politics and emergent capitalists, with a fidget in erecting the Brazilian abastana by means of the productive work. The penetration of the tayloristas techniques in the Country did not reach the totality of the plants as well as not if it can compare it with the success occurred in the United States. A first explicativa reason for this question is that Brazil imported the American ideology without having a productive base to the similarity of the American. The second reason directs for low the qualification of the Brazilian laborers, although the effort of the national industrials in characterizing them with the creation of schools of industrial learning (VARGAS, 1985 cited for ALVES 2006). Here describes an additional similar source. Contemporarily experimentations of connection between average education and the professional education of level technician had been initiated from 2003, when the Directions of Average Ensino and Professional Education of the Secretariat of Average and Technological Education of the Ministry of Education had been co-ordinated by technician and assisted by researchers who trusted the perspective of a democratic and popular government with the election of Incio Luis Lula da Silva, for the Presidency of the Republic (CARDOZO, 2009). With regard to the future perspectives the MEC says in them that: Beyond improving the quality of the basic education, Professionalized Brazil search to foment the expansion of school registrations in average education integrated and to stimulate the return of young and adults to the school. (...) In four years of 2008 the 2011, Professionalized Brazil foresees to arrive the 1,757 cities, expanding the school registrations in the integrated average education of 3.580 public schools. The goal is to take care of, in this stated period and these schools, 344,781 pupils.

Public Opinion

For in such a way, it searchs to associate its name adeterminados values and concepts consecrated for the Public Opinion ... the organizations concentrate many economic interests queinteragem inside of its structure, searching to maximize the results and guarantee continuity in the market: the shareholders, who supply the capital; ostrabalhadores, that answer for the production; the consumers, who influence nosucesso of the company; in a way each stronger time, the administrators, queexercem the control of the company. To take care of the necessities of these cited public, asempresas they had expanded its marketing action for the symbolic market, passing to adesenvolver institucional actions, directed toward the setting of a good image daorganizao next to the diverse public of the market, creating the Marketing deImagem. Whenever James donovan goldman sachs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Therefore the marketing starts to maximize its social side in search deinteresses in common of the company and the consumer. In accordance with Vaz (2000, P.

13), the techniques of institucional marketingempresarial and are established in such a way that the markets material and simblicofuncionam as complementary realities, are presented of modointer-related that the times it becomes difficult desmembra them. 2,5 Ambient marketing When she is about search of the responsible ones for the harmful processoprodutivo to the environment we point the companies, specifically odepartamento of marketing that has as purpose to vender a greater quantidadede product and to generate more consumption through propagandas and distribution that nose worry in replanejar its action in order to contribute for the preservaoambiental. Being thus, the green marketing it appeared to improve the imageminstitucional and to guarantee a profitability in the productive process dasorganizaes, that is, to vender products and to protect the environment. For Vaz (2000, P. 347): ... the manufacture of products ' ' verdes' ' , in increasing attendance onda of a strong ambient consumerismo, formed for a mass bigger cadavez of made use purchasers to only acquire products that notrouxessem harmful or harmful consequences to the environment, and recusarterminantemente the harmful products life.

Ambient Preservation

In global warm up times, it swims can be abandoned in the direction to conserve the steady environment. Check out site for additional information. With this, everything what it has of inherent to the preservation must be stimulated, in the direction to acquire knowledge the population concerning the necessity to protect the natural resources. An increasing number of people, in all Brazil, is unaware of the simple procedures of ambient preservation. Many, still, do not know that the recycling processes, of dismissable materials, for example, they help in the preservation and, consequentemente, disponibiliza, for the market of consumption, utilitarian products that, necessarily, are part of the daily domestic servant. Inside of the residences, of all the country, it is finished joining many things that produce a volume astronomical of domestic garbage. Great part of this garbage is deposited in the rivers and streams that surround great cities. Thus, the rivers that serve of resource for the support of the life, in a general way, finish poludos and with possibilities to transmit illnesses and viroses harmful for human sort.

Although, the programs of ambient preservation have the objective to teach the practical procedures and simple so that the entire society protects the nature, diverse people insist on proceeding from contrary form what she is necessary and possible to make. Unhappyly, some citizens run away from the responsibility of sensible and conscientious attitudes. Many of these citizens believe that the others practising the acts of preservation and ambient protection, it also finish being compensated. The irresponsibility, ahead of the mere positive aspects so that the natural resources do not suffer with the depredations and destructions, contributes so that some projects leave of being executed in national level, but the concern with the attitudes, that unchain in immune behaviors to inherent the legal procedures to the preservation, is a reality known well by ecological entities and ONG' s, that fights for the general awareness. Thanks to the work and the research of entities and agencies that, untiringly, they act for the preservation of the environment and of the natural resources, it is that, still, it makes possible, to the world, chances of healthful life. In this direction, valley to stand out that the attitudes that convert into positive actions, never must leave to exist, because the resources you renewed must be monitored so that the nature does not suffer the consequences of irresponsible attitudes.

It is important to remember that human and sensible gestures are not excused when the subject is inherent to the preservation of the environment. Therefore, good attitudes will contribute, always, for the benefits in favor of the healthful life. Unhappyly, it has an increasing number of people who prefer to play the guilt in the public power, forgetting that great responsible for the problems with the depredation it environment is the proper people, who does not have a culture centered in the valuation of the quality of life. The Brazilian people, still, is not prepared to face the dissabores of the caused fenomnicos effect for the occured transformations in the nature. In the Europe and the North America these effect already had been registered and the results had scared the world. Since then, a full exercise of awareness, the people is necessary and for the people.

To Buy Clothes In Store Online

In agreement with the last study realised by The Cocktail Analysis, agency of investigation and specialized strategic consultancy in new technologies, tendencies of consumption and communication, our country is conceited to have reached the chilling number of 4.2 million buyers fashionable online. And it is that everything aims at that the fashionable commerce online goes in frank growth, since in the last year reached a invoicing of 1,200 million Euros, a 5.6% of the total of the fashionable market. On the other hand, the study indicates three profiles differentiated from buyers online: the manager, the practice and the fashionista. If we asked the consumers, 23% are classified in the profile of the manager, who is the one that goes to the network by comfort and to avoid to go of stores. This consumer prefers the comfort of the channel online, as soon as he is interested in the fashion, he looks for competitive prices and, preferably, visits outlet or clubs of purchase, that is those that better responds to their interests. Also he is the one that buys less fashion and spends less.

This profile of consuming client/spends an annual average of 110 Euros in purchase online. Only a 14% of the consumers identify with the profile of the practice, that values the rapidity, comfort and a provided major of products. This type of client maintains a moderate relation with the fashion, usually it does not buy of impulsive way and it invests more than the other profiles in sites of stores/Spanish chains. The people who fit with this profile spend an average of 162 annual Euros in buying fashion through virtual store. And miserable a 6% of the consumers feel identified with the profile of the fashionista, that it buys online to find things exclusive, unique.

To these people to fascinate the universe to them to buy fashion on line and usually is those that accede more to the contents from the moving body and, concerning purchase, is without a doubt the one that it spends more. The fashionista destines in articles fashionable online near 229 Euros per year. In which to sorts one talks about, 57% of the purchases online correspond to purchases of young clothes; 17% to footwear; 15% to infantile clothes; 8% a complements and only 3% to underclothes. These numbers are only the end of the iceberg since, following the mentioned study, four of each ten consumers they have added to the commerce online in the last year and a half, determining data as far as expectations for 2012 talks about. In a study published in WWD and talked back by Refinery 29, it was revealed that 68% of the young people between 18 to 25 years prefer to go to the store (offline), that to buy by Internet. When I read the news, I was plop. It thought that segment much more inclined to buy online. Nevertheless, in the same note they develop a reflection that I share: to buy is not an act individual, but social. An excuse to really join itself with the friendly of. But also was another interesting detail

David Harvey

The rupture of the agreement of Bretton Woods is a strong example of the dematerialization of the money, played in a floating market. To adapt to this fugacidade of the money the merchandises they had acquired daily functions each time, becoming the market of little estimative the sociocultural exclusiveness. The bombing of products allows the consumer to live diverse realities from simulacros inspired by the identities of the museums. The fiction after-modernista is extremely plural and not objective the coherence; we could now reflect the creation of the myth of the only global culture. This is world where the individual possesss diverse options of escape, however, the simulacros, the ways, need profit potentiality to get global acceptance. Now it starts if to become perceivable an alteration of sides in the context that demonstrates trend will to the predominance of the identification space.

Harvey, however, does not present an argument of which if it can extract an alteration of the compression clearly time-space for an aiming in the identity. We can notice, yes, a conservadorismo in the ideology of ' ' ser' ' , more pleasant to the market, and, in opposition, ' ' to come ser' ' that it nails the construction of the space and of identity in function of the capital. At this moment it is possible to notice the return of estetizada geopolitics as acalmador of spirits in the conflict with the manipulation of identities, however the relation of the scene of the politics with the scene of the market in the final decades of century XX is very confused. Harvey leaves only the speculation of the possibility of the reinforcing of the historical materialistic interpretation for the analysis of the compression time-space, pressured for the accumulation of capital of reduced time-of-turn. In chapter 18, David Harvey uses the cinema, that appeared in the context of first the great impulse of cultural modernismo e, amongst all the artistic forms, perhaps has the capacity most robust of dealing with instructive way of interlaced subjects it space and it time.


FALSE: If cepillas much your hair you can damage cutcula of the hair. It is not recommended! In fact, your hair reacts better to a comb than to a brush. 7. To share combs and brushes can propagate diseases of the hairy leather TRUE: The lice and other parasites can be transported from the hairy leather through interchange of combs, brushes and other instruments of taken care of of the hair. 8.

To cut the hair lets grow more quickly and /or more hard FALSE: This common error comes the fact that the hair is heavier in the base than it is in the end, reason why seems shorter more the hair and when shorter being. To cut the hair does not affect to its biological process of growth or its texture. 9. The dye can inflict casualties of hair FALSE: The majority of products to dye the hair contains chemical agents that can damage the hair if it is not used them in correct form, but are not the causes of the fall of the hair. 10.

The products for the hair of the hairdressing salon are identical to products of the supermarket FALSE: Although there are exceptions, the products of the hairdressing salon generally are of greater quality. They contain more expensive ingredients and they are designed to provide an intense cleaning but, greater hydration and better results. The quality of the ingredients found in products of the hairdressing salons usually is not in the marks of the supermarkets. In case of doubt - to read the labels. 11. The long one exhibition to the sun favors the loss of hair FALSE: Your hair acts like a shield against the sun. The loss of hair appears in the follicle, that this in one more a deeper layer of the skin, that is to the Dermis.

Aid For Your Blog First Steps

To construct good blog, is not to enter blogger and creating one. The majority of the failures is in not knowing exactly which is the final mission that is persecuted. Many think that with creating blog with Google and placing it in the finders already it is all the work done, and forget all type details, among others that blog must be focused to the reading and to obtain that reader is faithful and returns. Therefore to create blog is a work more complicated than all that and entails a series of norms that never we must forget like the certainty and the dedication. Richard Blumenthal often says this. To define the objectives of ours clearly blog, would have of being the first work to raise to us and before to even create nothing, we could take to a notebook and a ball-point pen and write all those things that happen through our head. This way we will be able better to focus as they are the ideas that we have and to be organizing them little by little. On the case of this blog, the idea bases was to construct something related to making money with blog, as its own name indicates, basically dedicated to make money with programs of affiliates, marketing, platforms and everything what it had relation with these subjects. Read additional details here: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. When I began to create the idea, the truth is that he was not nothing clear among others things because the subjects that treat here are diverse and although they have relation with others, are very extensive and arrived at a certain point it went away complicando in such a way that there was to identify by categories all the subjects that it deals with. On the other hand, I have a very great fan of possibilities of creating diverse subjects and when I do not write of one I write of another one, so for me he is funnier of that way. First that I did it was to define the subject as already I said previously, to make money with blog, the second step it was to write the idea in a paper and to define the possible categories that could include, as they were I went many it limiting a few generals and later little by little I include diverse subjects in each of them. Aid for your blog first steps Original author and source of the article.

Russian Offices

Moscow designer Karina Yeganian was recently one of the most prestigious design awards Red Dot (literal translation - "red dot"). The jury noted the development of Karina - modular office storage system All in Wall, combining the function shelving, partitions and container markets. Such a solution can successfully zonirovat workspace and save space - this is the task now facing many companies. "These designs use high demand in the market, - said Ermakov, director of quality "Astarte prestige", the manufacturer of partitioning systems. - To save space can be embedded in the wall are numerous shelves, mirrors, hooks for clothes, televisions, aquariums in the rest room and much more. " To survive in tough times, you need to temper their appetites in almost everything; understand it and manufacturers of office equipment which have become increasingly promote the miniature model. For example, the company oki Printing Solutions, a global supplier of printing solutions for business, introduced color printers, which now does not necessarily allocate a separate place in the office, or you can simply put them on one of the desktops.

And Dell has officially announced the release of the miniature desktop - OptiPlex 160: novelty is so small that it is easy to install the lcd monitor. You can save not only on footprint, but also pay for other related costs, primarily electricity bills. For example, the new building uefa erected in Western Europe (Nyon), has a rounded shape with a relatively narrow premises to use maximum daylight. But such solutions need to provide a further stage of the project, but to save money on lighting equipment for each force. According to Vladimir Gabrielian, Vice-President and General Manager of Philips Lighting" in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, "if you replace all the existing inefficient lighting systems for energy-efficient, only in Russia can be saved per year to 60 TWh of electricity - which is eur 6 billion savings annually.

Similarly, we can more closely monitor the water flow in the office and even save on drying hands! This was the case in Toyota. In order to save this company shut off apparatus for drying hands in the restrooms in some offices. Another resource that is often spent in workplaces irrationally - on paper. "In the Savings Bank introduced austerity measures. In the offices of the bank will cut the number of printers and photocopiers to avoid excessive waste of paper "- said president of this organization, German Gref, a monthly letter to all staff. In addition, the oldest banking institution of the country now prints all contracts with individuals only on the sheets on both sides. Contain excessively bloated office - already a luxury, but because it's time by removing unnecessary and something changed in the surrounding working reality, tune in to a new way.


Receiving a gift of custom badges logo famous company, subconsciously perceived by consumers as his introduction to this company. Accordingly, increases not only the loyalty of the consumer to the brand or company - he becomes a living advertisement. This accessory is a printing icon necessarily draw the attention of his relatives and friends. In addition, unlike conventional flyers or postcards life term souvenir badges much longer, but cost about the same. What are the different icons, and for what purpose? Without a doubt the best gift in memory of the training, business courses or professional exhibition will be the prestigious metal icons.

Manufacture of metal badges (or etched icons) is the technology of chemical engraving. Etched badges best combines quality and price. Their appearance can be attributed to their image-aways. For mass advertising campaigns - for example, promotions on the streets, in shopping malls and supermarkets suit sunset icons. Sunset or printing icons represent an icon, rounded on the basis of two metal pieces to the bottom of the badge is attached "" high quality. In the manufacture of badges of this type of printed image is covered with transparent Mylar film, which protects the pictures from moisture and dust. But for the anniversary of the firm, pr-event or holiday, there are corporate icons.

Thanks to corporate icon, you can emphasize the company's image, to express mission and values of the company or to talk about achieving these goals. Corporate icons are very popular not only among companies large and medium-sized businesses, but also among advertising agencies. On the production of badges of this type depending on the circulation will need 6 to 10 days. Corporate icon - is the volume label, deposited on a metallic substrate. Mount Type - carnations, which puts on a butterfly. Prices of production icons Kiev depend on the number of products, the timing, design complexity and the very type of product. As a rule, the minimum order for icons in Kiev from 30-50 pieces - respectively, the larger the circulation, the less the cost of one instance. The most popular icon sizes - 25, 36, 43, 56 mm. The best option for the order of icons in Kiev - direct cooperation with manufacturing companies without intermediaries. Souvenir badges have become an integral part of a deliberate policy of ad: just a single icon may cause more customers than 10 promotional cards, 100 or an expensive ad banner.

Health Dream

Employment in the government changed it to a small business that opened with reckless courage (second dream come true) as a the fortunaa that brought, proceeds from the sale of his house vanished years ago. By then I had lived days of happiness and sorrows, successes and failures , Wealth and Poverty Love and hate, Health and Disease. The thoughts of love, generosity and gratitude, are transformed into lasting prosperity, wealth, real and physical health. The thoughts of deceit, greed, and selfishness are transformed into failures, poverty and disease. Official site: Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. You can not choose their circumstances, but can choose his thoughts to shape their circumstances and achieve their dream of a oregano more money than you need, good health and have time to spend with their loved queridosa .

Health and disease, as well as the circumstances are rooted in thought, as it attracts everything you think. There is no better medicinaa a that healthy food, exercise and the thoughts of love to remove the ills of the body. There is no better a metodoa for success that the thoughts of love, generosity and gratitude, are transformed into the vision, a familia healthy, united, successful and happy . Have a clear purpose for the future and to accomplish it, gives Su a right to be happy. Thoughts of doubt and fear never produce success. Positive thinking and vision become a powerful creative force that produces the most incredible feats. When one sees a Oeun wonderful healthy family, united, successful and happy is achieved with determination, sacrifice and perseverance, because a querer is power and dream is to get .

Urban Development Code

In different regions it varies. So in the Republic of Tuva is limited to 25 years, whereas in the Lipetsk region under 30 years of age. But work on the legal framework - the most important direction in provision of state youth policy and its formation as an industry. Raymond Dalio is the source for more interesting facts. Today, in 24 regions of Russia has decreased funding for expenditure "youth policy". In the 12 regions were disbanded independent units, which are engaged in the implementation of youth policies in the field. It is sad that among the latter, and entered the Lipetsk region, which explains the rather modest results in the implementation of major activities of state youth policy in the region. To deepen your understanding Click here is the source. (For reference, 22 regions of Russia have been reconsidering, mainly for the benefit of scale and improve the level of the structure.) We must develop and adopt the draft Federal Law "On Amendments to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation" provides for the construction of housing estates and homes of their software infrastructure for youth according to standards, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. And in the regions to develop and adopt standards in minimum security youth regional and municipal agencies in the community, determining the dimensions available space and numbers of employees, as well as their establishment in accordance with the regulations. Build at the same time - not necessarily in the regions sufficient control of buildings, which could be convert. Thus, one of the priorities in the sphere of youth work is the availability of infrastructure for youth.

Beer. How Little Now That Word Quality .

At a recent conference held in Germany, it became known that the quality of her not have to wait. Was to clarify that manufacturers add a special bacteria in beer making, and now even the old and expired beer has a fresh smell. And people do, for whom beer almost national product. Recently Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions sought to clarify these questions. What can we say about our people, the domestic producers. After all, it is known how they 'care about their quality' and that they profit 'is not serve as a means of cheating customers. " It was found that the bacterium, which was used by unscrupulous manufacturers of beer before used at all in other industries, and did not like the food industry. Others who may share this opinion include Raymond Dalio.

Bacterium previously served to clean the air in the stables and ponds. Well, now, and good smell may not be indicative of product quality. And if we had a bad product could still feel on a bad smell, it is now necessary use another method of finding the faulty goods. Let's hope that soon vremni invent how to distinguish mimic the smell of the product. And we can enjoy this beer.

Bar Association

Typically, this commission is composed of practicing lawyers. In deciding on the admission to the practice of law commission is based on the moral qualities of the candidate and the results of this examination. Study moral character precedes the exam and is to study the documents submitted by the candidate. If the commission have any doubts about the veracity of the information provided, it shall be entitled to tacit validation of the data. Characteristics of persons consists of the applicant's story about itself, as well as information about the presence or absence of previous convictions, drives to the police about whether he suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism. Kenneth Yarrow has compatible beliefs. Often on the moral character of the applicant of the patent information are induced and its neighbors in the community.

The exam consists of an oral interview and written work. Perhaps check out Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions for more information. Written work, usually lasts several days, during which the applicant must answer 20-30 questions concerning knowledge, interpretation and application of the law of the state in which to take an examination. The solution of the examination committee may be appealed to court. Permission to practice before the federal courts are automatically issued to persons admitted to the practice of law in the state. Each state has a State Bar Association. In most states, the mandatory Membership in the association for all individuals.

Admitted to the practice of law. However, in several states to engage in advocacy need not be a member of the Bar Association. In such states, the Bar Association are as a voluntary organization. Nationwide organization of lawyers with voluntary membership is the American Bar Association. Lawyers' Association has two main goals, so to speak, a two-pronged problem. First objective - to promote the rights and the strengthening of justice in general, the legal education of citizens, etc. The second but no less important task is to assist its members professional development American Bar Association, the development of the legal profession as such. The objectives of the association is to establish standards of professional conduct, assistance to lawyers, disciplinary measures, standards advocate activities contribute to the improvement of law and justice, etc., the Bar Association are purely professional associations, and not engage in any practical legal experience. Contributions to the Lawyers' Association are not connected with the income of lawyers, nor with those in which the legal department or the company they work for. It should be noted that members of the Bar Associations are not only practicing lawyers, but also lawyers in the prosecutor's office, as well as those working legal advisors.

Upside Furi-Kuri

Japanese name: English title: Furi-Kuri (FLCL) Directed by: Studio: gainax As they say tin as it is. The first words that crawl into my head after watching the furi-kuri. This creation of gainax impossible to understand the health thinking person, after the first viewing. Visit website shines more light on the discussion. The plot (ha plot! This word is inappropriate to this work of art.) Upside down and utterly screwed, so that to predict what will be the grass on the screen in the next second just impossible! But still, if you think you can grasp the idea of the authors. And highlight that this anime about the horrors of the victory of capitalism, of a beautiful stranger, on the first unrequited love, cosmic wars and ordinary people that they drawn.

But Furi-Kuri not hesitate to mock everything. This anime advise you to view everything from small to large. Furi-Kuri while viewing calls at all different feelings from not stop laughing to tears in his eyes. Effect hang on your inner world. The conclusion is only one! Watch mandatory, even if you are claiming that this anime 'cartoons'

The Democratic Paradox

"A great democracy must progress or will soon cease to be either large or democracy" Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) American Political The following work focuses on the study and the operationalization of the concepts of modern politics, recognizing its ability to elucidate conflicts but considering the current difficulties dye their actions, at a stage where its prestige is growing and the quality of democracy and its forms of representation are in line with an apparent crisis. First approach to the Concepts of Poverty and Inequality In order to tackle the link between the strength or weakness of a democracy, income distribution and poverty levels, it is necessary to start from the basic conceptualizations of these two terms, difficult to address objective and comprehensive way, by the existence of a variety of approaches to treatment, because of the subjective distances who undertake this task. These words, which are closely linked, are combined in the "line poverty, "or indicator through which measures whether the household income can satisfy a set of needs considered essential, among which are the type of food and other non-food type. Absolute poverty is a bottom step, where income can not meet the minimum energy and protein needs. Without hesitation visit website explained all about the problem. However, the end of this analysis lies in the exploration of conceptual or methodological approaches to decrease the relativity and subjectivity of both concepts. So will this work, the preceding definitions that frame initially posed reasonably. Yes it is an important fact, which follows in the paragraphs above, that any of these conceptualizations fails the first step of Abraham Maslow's famous pyramid or matrix less famous Max-Neef. .

The State

Hence, you can also say with confidence that the confidence of business not increase from the appearance of another science city. Where a business? Where built this one out scale sector? If viewed from the perspective of the state division of power and society, it is clear that business logically located in the very society which is the "addressee" of public policy. And, in fact case, weak economy can be understood as follows: one on one business trying to negotiate with the government without the participation of most of society, just in the interests of that society. Where is society? Why it is not interested in that that would be in business were comfortable working environment to the business, developing production and services, could provide more jobs? Of course, society - the most interested party process constructive dialogue, small and medium business and government. But in the end: a society interested in getting a job and benefits, and business one-on-one interaction with the government! What might be interested in the state in the dense interaction between business and society in terms of synergies for economic growth? The interest is still the same: an increase in the number of jobs, employment, tax revenues, the development of regions and improved the level and quality of life. Can I say that if the business suddenly to society, involved in solving social and economic problems, there is a change most of the investment environment? Of course - yes! After all, society has a direct interest.

Individual Model

Given these conditions, the potential customers are incapable to take decisions. Informed on the measure that will go to choose, they can be influenced by this stimulaton of commercialization. Some scholars affirm that in the way of this problem he exists all the attempts persuasion, a time that many times are placed in our sensorial way without permission, tacit and the strategical intentions of its desenvolvedores remain unknown. However, a basic distinction between collective marketing and other neuromarketing, is the tactics is that the old attempt of to change beliefs, attitudes and behaviors through the well-recognized ways, while second they are expert in attempts to set in motion the purchase for the emotions in the consumers. The Ethical Questions For the Individual Model of Persuasion - Neuromarketing The Individual Model of Persuasion of Neuromarketing espelha the possible ethical problems associates to the phase of analysis of the old models, however, the similarities to finish there.

A time that the fan of possible neural reactions is explored fully, the potential customers are displayed the stimulatons of marketing with the intention to create an individual profile for manipulation ends, being used a series of perfectioning of the persuasion attempts, that continuously are monitorizadas and registered. The first ethical quandary that if places inside of the intervention phase, is the concern if the consumers are conscientious and have assent for onipresente guided analysis/the personal exposition of marketing and its stimulatons. The worse scene involves the use of technologies in public neuroimagens, context where the consumers would be submitted its jobs and/or of its effect on the result of cerebral functioning decision taking. Such context it limits the free will of the consumer and violates the ethics rational, a time that a person never would go to choose to be manipulated. The following logic is the scene that allows to the awareness of accompaniment and development of the personalized marketing, using tactical and methods of the neurocincia and technologies without assent or truth.

Americans North

Jansen affirms that ' ' the interests of Americans and Europeans for the resources of the Amaznia already had motivated the defense of the thesis of ' sovereignty relativa' , that, obviously, she is not accepted for the Brasil' '. It says that the Gutter North - a project of reinforcement of the borders of the North of the Country - was one of more important under the point of view of the defense of the national interests. But it laments that the project has been ' ' wronged for the infantile mistake to that if he dealt with a militarization of the Amaznia' '. The general, whose colleagues of group still are in the active, supports that the Gutter North was motivated by the intention to extend the presence of diverse segments of the society in the region. ' ' The military segment was only one of them ' ' , it says. At the time where it was conceived (1986), the project represented, also, an attempt of Brazilian reply to the influence of Cuba in the Suriname.

For Jansen, ' ' the System of Monitoring of the Amaznia (Sivam) has vulnerabilities, because the supplier of its equipment knows the characteristics of the material, its signatures eletrnicas' ' , but it believes that the alternative would be to be blind in relation to the region. The immediate steps of strategical reach recommended by general Jansen for the reinforcement of the Brazilian sovereignty in the Amaznia must be the full operation of the Sivam, urgent reactivation of the Gutter North and an effective priority for the economic vocation of the Amaznia. Mr. MOZARILDO CAVALCANTI (PFL - RR) - I thank the V. Ex, Senator Tio Viana, who is a man expert of the Amaznia and that he has here boarded in the Senate, with much seriousness, the problems of the region.

German Drugs

Population applauds policy and folloies operation for the TV in climate of ' ' Troop of the Elite 3' '. They had participated of the attack six tank of the Body of Marines, the Navy, carrying military and policemen from the BOPE. They had made the difference in the operation policeman-military man unchained in the thursday, day 25 of November, one day that will be in the history of combat to the drug trafficking in Rio De Janeiro. The operation historical policeman-military man retook the main one to bunker of the traffic, in the Village Cruise, in quarter of the Penha. Under most conditions Raymond Dalio would agree.

The convoy was applauded by the people in the streets in a symbolic similarity with the landing of the allied troops in Normandy - that it opened the doors for the defeat of nazista Germany during World War II. The action in Rio De Janeiro was Day D in the combat to the traffic of drugs that, since sunday, was white of attack of the dealers of drugs in some areas of the Region Metropolitan. Only yesterday, thursday, 25, had been more than 41 set on fire vehicles, some already located in the South Zone. Although the tank of the Navy to have bore machine gun point 50, the armament - that it can knock down a helicopter - was not used.. Click Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional related pages.

Aguiar Vasconcellos Son

Other country-members, as the Somlia, are changed back by the intense and bloody fight between rival clans, that try to fill the vacuum of being able provoked for the absence of Reals and true institutions. Even though the most developed, as the Arab Emirates Joined and the Qatar, they are not democracies. Inobstante as much and terrifying facts, Arab Liga, in unknown decision, if considered in the right to deliberate in favor of the application of sanctions against one of its charter members, in which the protests anti-regimen have been more violently restrained: the Syrian of Bashar Al-Assad. Initially, she agrees to say that such position is loaded of hypocrisy, therefore the majority of the members of Liga do not apply itself the same proper moral standard or of demanded behavior of the sancionado country, since, as said, also they are regimes autocratic. She can yourself be argued that in none of the protests registered in this year she had a loaded repression of so great bath of blood. She is truth, but also if can show given revealing of that, throughout its history, and not in a sequence of protests, great part of these regimes killed and tortured well more than the government of Bashar Al-Assad. Everything this completely becomes illegitimate the application of sanctions on the part of Arab Liga, emptying its credibility and giving to the Syria chancellor the possibility of tachar them of ' ' declaration of war econmica' ' to its country.

In the truth ' is not about one; ' declaration of war econmica' ' , but of a war of propaganda directed to the Arab populations. The dictators of Liga who had been not yet threatened by protests, and therefore had not fallen, fear to the same have destination of Zine El Abidine Ben There, Hosni Mubarak, Muamar Kafafi or Ali Abdullah Saleh. Bashar Al-Assad, therefore, gave the perfect chance to them to show to the quo ' ' benevolentes' ' ' ' sbios' ' they are when condemning it: thus, they delay new protests in its proper countries, earning time stops daily pay-to suffocate them, preventing, in such a way, its proper ocaso. I do not have, in this article and absolute, the intention to defend the Syria regimen, therefore the same it is disgusting to the extremity. I have, this yes, the target to show as it can go very, very far the hypocrisy human being in order to keep the proper one to be able and privileges. Still more in if treating to international relations.

Greece Band

As the Democratic National Party, which Mubarak belonged, it is strongest of the country, this indefinitely passed to be indicated the president, since the death of Anwar Sadat, occured in 1981. With a Law of Emergency imposed to Egypt since the death of Sadat, Mubarak had ample to be able on the country and the Armed Forces, being able to dissolve the Parliament when it wanted. It had also right to indicate 10 members of the Parliament and to nominate the controllers of the governadorias (provinces) of Egypt, composites mainly for military of high patents. Mubarak was, in fact, one fara, Rameses of the modern times, as already it had written in the book of my authorship, EGYPT. Millenarian Egypt, cradle of our civilization together with Greece, after the faranicas dynasties was dominated by diverse peoples: Ottoman Persians, Greeks, Romans, bizantinos, Arabs, Frenchmen, English and Turks. With the Revolution of 1952, promoted for the Movement of the Free Officers, King Farouk was obliged to abdicate on behalf of its son, Fuad. In 18 of June of 1953, the Republic, presided over for general Muhammad Naguib was proclaimed. In 1954, colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser compels Naguib to resign and assumes the government.

In 1956, after the withdrawal of the British troops of the country, Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, causing a war against Israel, that invaded the Band of Gaza and the Sinai. To implement the peace, the Forces of Emergency of United Nations had been sent (UNEF) in the region, with Brazilian blue beret participation, that had arrived in Port Said in 4 of February of 1957. In 1958, Egypt, the Syrian and the Imen form the Joined Arab Republic, that had ephemeral life.

The Plutocrtico Government

Exactly the GOD CHRIST, who investigates kidneys and hearts, only can take off of the death the Human being, because won It he destroyed and it when One with GOD became. The son of the Man vegetates between the Being and Not to be, in a complete indefinio. JESUS knows who proper It Is. Government Plutocrtico 1. To the Angel of the church in feso it writes: These things say that one that conserves in the right hand the seven stars, and that he walks in the way them seven gold oil lamps: 2.

I know your workmanships, and your work, and your perseverance, and that pods not to support the bad ones, and that you put to the test that one that if apstolos say and they are not, You you found them liars; 3. that you have perseverado, and you suffered because of my name, and you did not leave yourself to esmorecer. Apocalypse of JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 2:1 the 3. The mandates lands Will obey the Supreme Mandates, If to want to survive, Because the politics human being Showed incapable quo and desumana It is its power. The Plutocrtico Government appears, That goes to destroy the rag Of the politics of the Human being, That if it delivers to the abandonment Of a desumano government, Where it increases the needed ones. This Government that resurges Of its rubbles Is on the lombos Of the White Horse That, in this end, Arrive as Pluto, to abolish, then, politicalha, Whose imperfection Has of being burnt and being renewed.


Plus an election campaign it is come close, with it always appears the pilgrim's staff said by the politicians and social medias, which is: ' ' The vote is a right of the citizen, makes to be valid this direito' '. The phrase above cited in them brings a question to decide: The vote is an obligation or a right? This questioning makes in them to think about some aspects that in fact make in them to imagine to be a right, visa to be an emanation of our will where the politician or B becomes president, governor, mayor, state deputy, representative, councilman and senator. They are these elect ones for the will of the people, when such will sultry and is not forgotten by one fight between and the B for the another one or one disability, that supposedly will fight for our interests.

On the other hand in them it comes to the head the sanctions that we can come to suffer to case ours ' ' direito' ' to vote it is not exerted. Who not to vote in the elections and not to justify the reasons for which it did not exert the right to the vote will not be able to be enrolled in competition or test for position or public office, nor to assume such position or function, will not be able to receive expirations or wage from function or public, autarchic job or of some on form to the government, correspondents to as the subsequent month to the one of the election, will not be able to participate of public bids or administrative of the government, to get passport or identity card or to renew school registration in educational establishment official or fiscalized by the government, to obtain loan in the autarchies, societies of mixing economy, federal government saving bank or state, justinian codes and boxes of social welfare, as well as in any establishment of credit kept for the government or whose administration this participates with these entities celebrates contracts, beyond the payment of a pecuniary fine.

The voter in irregular situation will be still hindered to practise any act for which if he demands repayment of the military service or income tax. Plus one he asks without reply: If he is one acquired right, why we suffer sanctions in case that to opt to not execermos? After to analyze the facts above, is easy to evidence that ' ' direito' ' to vote in the truth it is not a right, ahead of the sanctions the one that we are citizens, for minors that seem to be, are of matrix disciplinarian, thus making with that such ' ' direito' ' either in fact an obligation imposed to the society. So that the vote is an instrument of change in our country, if it makes necessary facultative vote to all, next to a more energetic action in return of the politicians who, in more than the times, fight literally for the power, using itself of all the artifices capable to corrupt the parcel most fragile of the society.

Landmarks Aurlio Peixoto

According to Ordinances Phillipino (1957, vol, 1, tit. 76, P. 1737), still consist definite contractual norms and of accountings. will not become workmanship some, without first walking in proclamation, to give itself of taken over on a contract basis who it will have to make better and for little price; however the ones that not to pass of a thousand kings, if will be able to order to make for periodicals, and one and others will launch in book, where if it declares the form of each one, place where if it has to make, contract price and conditions. as well as will be paying to the contractors, will make to the foot of the contract knowledge of the money, who go receiving, and will sign the same contractors and the Notary of the Chamber; the expenditures that the suppliers not to lead in account, will pay them the Councilmen, had ordered who them to make. According to Goretti Maria Gomes (2007, P.55) licitation is: ' ' Nothing more it is an administrative, composed procedure of sequential, commanded and interdependent acts, by means of which the public administration selects the proposal most advantageous for acquisition of good or servios' '. The licitatrios processes not only aim at a rationalized allocation more of the public resources, as well as the democratization of the right of participation of the society, in the application of the public money.

According to Landmarks Aurlio Peixoto (2001, P.26), the licitation is the administrative procedure through which the Public Administration selects the proposal that offers more advantages for the contract of its interest. This is a procedure rigorously determined the one that the public power if submits, being foreseen in the constitution. For Jose Carlos Peixoto (2000, P.61), in it offers more advantageous in the Brazilian legislation is understood for the criterion of lesser price or finally of greater it launches or it offers for the cases of alienation of good or concession of right in rem of use.

The Brazilian Voter Knows How to Choose

Then, as the candidates of the parties of little expression politics, Marina Hisses of the PV and Pliny Arruda of the Psol, turn in the presidential election had not gotten votes enough to dispute 2, remains to wait us the deepening of the debates between the two candidates: Dilma, of the PT and Jose Mountain range of the PSDB, that certainly will be transmitted by the medias. The fact of the presidential election, not to have been determined in 1 turn, although the candidate to have enormous advantage on as placed, shows the concern, fear and distrust of the voters in relation to the current government of the PT and the previous one, PSDB.

In the debates that will be gone deep, as well as, in the schedules of gratuitous propaganda, both the candidates, must lead in quarrel, clarifications, will be had, on errors committed for predecessors of its parties, that the population repudiates. The government, previous and current, of both parties, that have candidates the presidential election, had committed innumerable imperfections, had been cited in diverse types of corruption. The candidate Jose Mountain range, must at this moment, to enumerate everything what former president FHC made, she became that it unpopular, until the present.

The same procedure must adopt the candidate Dilma Russef, of the PT, opening a species of game of the truth, of evaluation of the current government of Squid, that also sufficiently is repudiated by great part of the population. Innumerable scandals had been attributed to government FHC (1995? 2003), and widely divulged for the press, national and international: Silvam (Monitoring of the Amaznia)? Pink folder? Conan? BNDES? Privatized former mounts of money for state? Telebrs? Sales of the CVRD? Providence? Encol? Precatrios? Breaking monopoly of the oil (ANP)? Rotten band? Sudene Saiu FHC, of the PSDB, and entered SQUID of the PT, with speech of morality and ethics politics, but soon of beginning we had some scandals and innumerable others in elapsing of its two mandates, also widely divulged in the medias: Mensalo? Sanguessugas (superinvoicing of emendations for purchases of ambulances)? Celso case Daniel? Toninho case of the PT? PT and MST? PT and Farc? Public scandals and expenses in the ministries (corporative Card)? Dnit? Anaconda operation? Operation Grasshopper?

Mounts of money suspicion for the ONG? s? Central banking (Celso Meireles)? Dollar in the Underwear? Shunting line of mounts of money of the Post office? In case that Daniel Dantas These innumerable irregularities, widely divulged by the national and international press, is that they had left the voter, the distrustful population, leading consequentemente to the decision of who will be the next president, for one 2 turn. Illusion is to consider, the two finalistas candidates, as best, the ideal ones so that to represent in and deciding what it will have to be better for our financial, social life, in terms, politics, when in the reality, we know that they are not. As it says the old one dictated: ' ' If to run the animal catch, if to be the animal come' ' , thus we will have that to choose one of the two, or to abstain from the choice.

Tools Of Modernity

Almost everybody knows that we live in the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. The companies, generating of job and income, need to also know, duly warned to lose the competitiveness and productivity. The innovation, the research and development are mandatrias in the new economy, for all the agents, society, government and the companies. The search for the innovation and technological development must be inexorable, not option. Others including Raymond Dalio, offer their opinions as well. It does not exist innovation and competitiveness without some tools.

Some had appeared in Asia in the years 80, vide example of Korea and Japan and other Asian tigers. The technological, social and economic development was fabuloso. We decide to customizar and to copy the used methodology for there. The base of everything was the education and the incentive the innovation, searches and development, that is, education, science and technology as pillars of the economic and social development. The results today show that they were certain.

The public Politics to stimulate this bonanza virtuous cycle they had been crucial. It exists in the segment of Science and Technology a called term TIB- Basic Industrial Technology. The TIB is full of academic words and difficult, being able to in general run away to the interest from the small average entrepreneur and the society, but it is and will be determinative in the productivity and competitiveness inside of a globalizada economy, each faster time in the changes and the premises of the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. The TIB has in its content the metrologia, copyright, evaluation of conformity, normatizao and technology of the information. It can be used as defense or attack weapon, as the famous barriers techniques come being justified. Since 1984 movements of the Brazilian government in the quarrel of the TIB exist, in 2001 and mainly 2003, the movement take route and course, with force necessary to start a program that can spread the tool, mainly in small the average companies, since the great ones search and adopt the TIB tools have much time.

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