United Nations

How could we live if we cut or for any reason we do not have drinking water and electric power at the same time. Contact information is here: Congressman Howard Berman. In addition what would we do when in these moments we feel extremely hot or cold for many continuous days. Chief Justice Roberts has many thoughts on the issue. Big problem: no power, no lighting, no climate suitable for our body, threatened by hunger, without universal access to water and sanitation as a human right, and on the other, without the integrated management of water resources or actions of communication, basic education or joy to the development of basic ecosystems; could we live humanly normal? Therefore, in the cities our routine life would in the midst of nauseating odours and deplorable attitude unfortunately that compared with the countryside and rural areas some obvious palliative without total solution, can be found because neither ensures the life in the andes without drinking water. Many representatives in large or medium-sized blocks have been joined and met to address precisely this phenomenon, which each year progresses and becomes a mere concern on a large scale by global warming, natural disturbances and the continuity of the processes of transformation of matter raw material for the manufacture of appliances and products mil with traditional technologies using oil, coal and gas. Assemblies of the United Nations to strengthen the commitment of cooperation against less developed populations, are common to read as news but not as hopeful as that we are totally confident. The countries of the world should reach by 2015 half of pollutant reduction produced for 10 years. How much has progressed, is a question no exact answer. Center of implementation of public policies in the world ensure reach proposed goals to gain access to safe water, electricity without penalty and better living environments.

But we measure such security. We have to be optimistic. We'll be thinking and making hopeful achievements. The commitment continues to avoid to add the issue of the health of the living being on the planet Earth. Solution? The answer lies in each of us.

Meanwhile, there are signs that Yes it is possible to replace the source of electrical power with known exploitation of solar energy and wind energy system not to mention the energy of biomass and geological sources. In terms of the availability of water, which is vital in case of shortage, although not in its large scale nor for the whole world, would solution with the availability of systems of collectors of rainwater (gutters, collectors, suction pumps with photovoltaic systems, storage tanks or cement watertight) at least where we have takes it rains. To finish these possibilities we have the goodness of build our homes with criterion of improvement techniques in terms of ventilation and/or covered with shade as to make more pleasant our lives, for example walls trombe and ceilings in homes with natural forage and/or with argillaceous shingles in popular towns.

Development Foundation

The present heat wave affecting the climate in Buenos Aires in Argentina and its surroundings for at least a week remains on red alert due to high temperatures, and by the risks possibly coming to affect the population, although experts say that tomorrow there will be a slight respite for the rotation of winds. Senator Debbie Stabenow shines more light on the discussion. At least eight days since temperatures exceed 30 degrees and the climate remains hot even at night, given that it does not descend the thermometer, which fired the consumption of energy drinks and caused cuts in service in the capital of argentina. Today he continued on red alert, with a maximum expected temperature of 36 degrees, but the national weather service foresaw that the State of the time in Argentina for tomorrow will have a slight respite, with marks between 19 and 33 degrees, by rotation of the wind in the East. Weather in Mar del Plata will generate much more fresh air entry and will continue on Thursday, with a minimum of 20grados and a maximum of 31 degrees. Miriam Andreoli, of the Service weather, said the sweltering wave that rises chill to 40 degrees, as on Monday, is common in this era. Meanwhile, the Government of the city of Buenos Aires reported today by the festivities on December 31 the hotel reservation exceeds 85%, especially tourists from Brazil, Chile, and Europe. The presence of foreign tourists is motivated also by the start of the Rally Dakar Chile-Argentina 2011, scheduled for Saturday in the heart of the capital, with countless disorders for the inhabitants.

The effects of the heat this week a 30% increased paediatric consultations in hospitals of the province of Buenos Aires, said today the Ministry of health. Also the power consumption, in particular by appliances of refrigerated air, increased by what the private service provision companies called the rational use. Said today the electrical Development Foundation, 4 million were incorporated in the last five years of apparatus for air conditioning in the population.

Baba Revolution

(...) While there is no self-knowledge, multiplication and reproduction of our problems will continue. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. And for this, the individual has an enormous significance. Because he is the only processor he alone can revolutionize your life in relation to others, and therefore cause a revolution in the world, the world around it. "..." Living is to find for himself what is true, and you can do so only when there is freedom, when there is an ongoing revolution within yourself ... Only when you are constantly inquiring, constantly observing learning is that it's the truth, God or love and you can not ask, observe, learn, can not be deeply aware, if you are afraid. So the role of education, certainly internally and externally is to eradicate this fear that destroys human thought, human relationship and love. "Real change a " revolution 'occurs when people move from polarization perceptions of the senses was an attitude which is governed by values a free from the shackles imposed by external influences a Anxiety is an immense fear not what, to not know when and I know not where, but it makes us suffer without rest, as if we were attacked by an enemy hidden inside an invisible a mismo.a Love is not a thing mind. And only when it is really quiet, do not expect anything, not ask or require or seek or possesses it has no jealousy or fear or anxiety, when it is really silent, only then is love possible to reason that's because we love the things of the mind have filled our hearts (jealousy, envy, desire to be somebody, ambition, success). Sai Baba tells us: a We are the bridge to infinity, arched over the sea, looking for adventure for our pleasure, living mysteries, choosing disasters, triumphs, challenges, impossible bets, tested again and again learning love.

Catalan Generalitat

Maria Salgado 20 m is the CiU candidate to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Economist training and Barcelones, is married and has three children. It has advanced the elections after the shortest of the Parlament legislature. If he wins the elections, it will try to convene a consultation on independence. Your web page Does not have Twitter account Your Facebook profile. No army can stop the strength of an idea when it arrives in time. It is not a phrase of Artur Mas (Barcelona, 1956), but one of his favorite French poets, Victor Hugo.

The candidate of Convergencia i Unio (CiU) to the Presidency of the Catalan Generalitat in the November 25 elections he has won all the autonomic elections that has occurred, even though he had just not ruling, but win by a large majority and now could be an important step, perhaps definitive, towards the independence of Catalonia. Worker, constant and self-demanding. Thus describes itself that was eternal heir to Jordi Pujol and who did not cease to ascend from that He came to politics in 1987, starting as a Councillor for the municipality of Barcelona and ending up becoming President number 129 of the Generalitat. Considered as the perfect candidate, manual, but it ensures that the most important thing in his life, what it is above all, it is his family. His maternal roots are related to the textile sector in Sabadell and the fathers, with the metallurgical industry of Poblenou. He was the eldest son, the eldest of four brothers, and studied at Liceu French and school European classroom, two prestigious schools deprived of the Catalan capital where he learned from child English and French, languages that dominates next to the catalan and Spanish. True to its origins, he studied economics and business at the University of Barcelona and in 1979, just graduating, began working, first in a group dedicated to the production of material logistics and lift, and then managing an investment company.

Political Extremism

The leader of the PRD, Manuel Lopez Obrador tantrum did not echo; Mexicans rejected his political extremism and now require him to respect the triumph of Felipe Calderon, of the national action party, as new President of Mexico. The attempt to break and subvert democracy in Mexico didn't echo that wished the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), who legally - lost the presidential election on July 2 against the right-wing Felipe Calderon, of the National Action Party (PAN). The tantrum having not won at the polls led him to take to the streets, disrupt order in the Mexican capital and fuelling the red-hot political landscape, which is not yet extinguished in the southern state of Oaxaca. Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was above and beyond. More information is housed here: Assemblyman Dov Hikind . He fell into ridicule himself legitimate President of Mexico against the off national silbatina of Mexicans who preferred in September, patriotic month, celebrate that, despite everything, Mexico is a democracy. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the founder of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) of Mexico, disagreed and enrostro you to AMLO, a former Mayor of the Federal District and former Governor of the State of Tabasco hit and damage, with your attitude, to the Mexican left. With that pronouncement it disqualifies it as legitimate President that the Mexican politician became impose a vote freehand in the Zocalo (main square) in mid-September 2006. Cardenas was considered that that is not the way of trying to get to the Presidency of Mexico and was considered a serious mistake that attitude. Mexico lived in the year 2000, for the first time, after 71 years, the alternation policy when an Alliance of parties national action and green ecologist of Mexico defeated to the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) presidential elections and came to the Presidency to Vicente Fox Quezada, who transferred the command, 1 December to Calderon.

Treatments For Losing Fat Localized Laser Lipolitico And Cryolipolisis.

The imperative of the cosmetic industry and beauty of constantly updated to look more appealing to the consumer, is now about to offer new treatments that fail in result to the existing ones. The Cryolipolisis and the Laser Lipolitico are two developments that fail in results to existing treatments. For a center that has bought a new treatment can justify the higher price of the same on the previous to afford the investment, it needs justify it through a substantial improvement of the results. In this case it is true, the results are no better than other treatments so it starts to sell smoke that in my view may be the beginning of the end of many beauty salons. The old nor the new treatments are valid for overweight people. The extra pounds they should lose with a balanced diet and physical exercise, and when they are already at your ideal weight, it is when your aesthetic Center can help eliminate those areas with localized fat you just don't delete. Then sell the treatment as something It is not also harmful in the long term for the sector.

The Elimination of localized fat is achieved by attacking the zone and changing the physical state of the same, moreover also tries to destroy adipocytes to slow the possible recovery. Through heat, Laser lipolytic and radio frequency, the cold, cryolipolisis and by mechanical means, vacum and cavitation. All these methods have a barrier, the body has a rate of absorption and elimination of this fat, so it cannot be improved the method more than this until there is no one that increases the rate of elimination. I commented that a treatment is to be effective, need to combine two or three types of apparatus to complete the entire process. A professional treatment must have the following components, which attacks the fat already mentioned, that helps to pass into the lymphatic system, preassure therapy draining massage and helps move the lymphatic system, physical exercise, vibration platform. As it is what you should pay by results and all they have more or less the same effectiveness, you don't pay more for one than for others. The author of this article is the distributor of an important laboratory of cosmetic products for beauty salons. It also sells and teaches the operation of apparatus for cosmetic treatments. Manages a blog of beauty that addresses these issues and manages an online store where it says all these professional products to the fingertips of the particular client.

Executive Branch

Whole of society reaches maturity with own infrastructure of a political representative reorganization oligarch conditioned by a system of ordering with regulative retroactive constituent, instrumental legal administrative determination. The current social democratic political constitutional system relies on a decisive representative reorganization, targeted and conditioned by a constituent equitable order, whose social distribution of institutional powers and a market of securities in the free expansion of their investments, seeking convergent policies that could decentralize the central power of the State and of the Government in the diversity of individual and collective identities that the consumerism and productivity of society are affordable to the free realization of their citizenship. If democracy is the contingency of the right to be wrong in his free choice, the social economic political system is pure functional technocracy which does not allow nor the slightest mistake. For the society the individual is one link more sophisticated gear of a productivity and system of globalised consumerism in a stock market financial mortgage common to each of their purchasing interests. Try to make compatible practice democracy in a town with prevailing dehumanization of the constituent technocracy of any society is the momentous mission that must be characterised and govern the transparency of development and carrying out functional integral political all rule of law. The diversity of compatible political modalities to different alternative positions is the basis for constructive critical collaboration for the transparency of the development in the renovation of old institutional political social values in the realization of the reorganizations of the infrastructures of any democratic society.

The partisan oligarchy and the bureaucracy of institutional power as influence peddling; Bipartisanship as adsorption of the diversity of political arrangements; nationalism as anarchy independence; the ideology shield to the human as a claim of rights; the twitching as policies of repulsion; altruism as an economic social political tool; the technocracy as dehumanization of the system; and speculation policy of the judiciary as a lack of independence of the Executive Branch, are key symptoms of degeneration of own compatible equity of the current social democratic political system constitutional powers. The Suarez government system knew how to look at your time a convergent policy that could mediate between a pre-constitutional law State and a society that since man is man, there has always been, there are and there will be, deeply rooted feelings that can lead to anarchies as pro-independence degeneration in the decentralized distribution of the central power of the State and the Government; absolutist monarchies in which the figure of the King is imposed as a sovereign State on the people; bureaucracies that lead to totalitarian regimes by adsorption of power Central in the State; plutocracies that monopolize the values between tycoons and large financial institutions mortgage market; tecnocracias which undergo human economic social administrative techniques in the construction of national infrastructures; oligarchies which govern a few on some many, and not for some many as it should be in a democracy, that there may be a compatibility of feelings and powers which are a point of social balance common constituent training from the same people. * Reorganisation, ordering: Political system. Distribution, decentralization: Social system.

United Nations

Many children around the world suffer the fact not to enjoy a quality of life suitable for countless social factors affecting their countries. Malnutrition and hunger caused by internal problems are the result of focused policy to obtain votes in political campaigns to achieve social acceptance and enrichment of the rulers (and their beneficiaries). Already has been discussed countless times on the current situation of underdeveloped countries and the third world; However, the support of their political figures has been nil, proving that if there is no willingness to support social causes cannot be achieved absolutely nothing. Solutions to the situations in these countries, are heard on the radio regularly, however all these alleged solutions are reflected in the air, since these same ideas providers use their radio programs for auto promote themselves and make themselves known. While there is not a culture of change and progress be able to solve the simplest problems afflicting the poorest communities, by the simple fact that leaders not used their power for the benefit of others, but himself. But, thanks to the good will of a group of people we can say that all is not lost.

Fortunately, there are thousands of organizations around the world dedicated to combating poverty and find real solutions to the socio-economic situation of many countries. One of the entities that we believe makes a good contribution to the fight against poverty eradication is undoubtedly the UNICEF which manages the Fund for the development of children in the United Nations. Through the years, this organization has demonstrated that the childhood development is possible through the eradication of hunger and the implementation of educational programs.

Topics For Political Reform In Colombia

The country want to be debated a reform of truth. A reform that touch the bottom, in addition to the form. The topics can be many and it will be necessary to achieve a patriotic agreement to introduce the provisions necessary in our Magna Carta. I will make a list of topics that I think are the most important and in future articles I go over each one of them.One of the thick items should be compulsory voting. Long ago we have been avoiding, because there has never been a real interest of our ruling class, accustomed makes time to clientelistic practices that would be seriously eroded with the passage of compulsory voting.

The consequence is that Colombia today belongs to that small (two or three) number of countries that do not have it enshrined in its Constitution. The discussion should focus on the consecration of the vote due in all elections, with the enunciation of heavy fines and other types, for those who do not come to the polls. Another is the implantation of a system or parliamentary regime in our country. Chief Justice Roberts is open to suggestions. This regime has worked very well in developed countries with a long conformation of political culture, but adaptation to the Creole reality is not irrational. This political regime is characterized by a strong separation of different public authorities and the existence of regulatory mechanisms accurate in case of disagreements between the Executive and the legislative branch, or Parliament. The Government must have the confidence of the majority in Parliament because it is accountable to it, and must resign every time that you do not count the majorities in the collegiate or having the power to dissolve Parliament and call new elections. The head of the Executive is bipartite: the head of State (President, King or other) that embodies the continuity of the State being irresponsible politically speaking and the head of the Government (usually called Prime Minister) who is in charge of Administrative Affairs and Government policies in general.Other topics are: the unicameral composition of our legislative branch and reducing the number of Congressmen or parliamentarians; the total funding of the elections by the State, combined with the prohibition of certain practices harmful to democracy as a veiled vote buying through payment of criers, gift of t-shirts or other clothing, much of the advertising, etc.; return to federalism or an allocation fairer and more efficient for the fiscal resources of the State; the famous empty chair; the indefinite presidential re-election and re-election of mayors and Governors, along with the redefinition of the structure and functions of the assemblies and councils; the abolition of the Comptroller or the popular election of Comptrollers and spokespersons, etc, etc, etc.

Political Animals Of The Swedish Academy And Its Prize Nobel Against Fear

We are clear: a prize Crown exemplary citizen with its action or work fosters who values for preservation of the system that grants it. Some contend that Richard Blumenthal shows great expertise in this. You can even extol criticism, always and when its light point to the recovery or perpetuation of the political and social system on the basis of stands. Do do granted in the area granted, even recognizing merit in the scientific field, aspect where you should not deprive the political or ideological criteria at the time of sentencing, given that do not exist physical natural enigmas or chemical themselves capitalists or Socialists but already know, man and social system? for more civilized they document? they have severe contributions of animal instintualidad, guideline this organic in nature. Let's stay clear. Not otherwise is understood why a high civilization as the West has been capable of what was recently: the most terrible wars, nuclear bomb, political persecutions and concentration camps. As if the civilization and culture were the spite of the animal nature of man, which eventually do not disappear altogether. Swallows the overwhelming progress to the primordial jungles and animals, but not you can destroy itself, the human being, formerly jungle bird.

Or do not dare at all. The high and ethereal intelligentsia is supported on animal foundations. This is the contradiction of civilization. Men are those extremely high civilized creatures that can not be detached from that damn animal condition that accompanies them or, better said, afflicts, with all their natural infrastructure fears, limitations and weaknesses. Brains luminaries on the one hand, capable of any utopia, contact with the divine, and acting bodies by the other performers of the hateful animal, encarnantes of the earthly weakness generally of the shameful flight of the apenante cry of the treacherous lie by life itself, of the silent kneeling by the profane, profane intellectual pleasure the human animal is there in the flesh, with its load of pavores and flare illiquid, making it impossible to even the highest Mystic fornique triumphantly with God.

Political Messages

Reality is a very persistent illusion Albert Einstein and if reality is not what we see, but only what we want to see? Film Matrix receipt and understanding of the message in the communication policy represent a movement, active and complex process, actions whose real existence responsibility depends on the hearings. People are receiving our messages and understand how they want to and how you can. There are two underlying functions that the public carries out: perception and interpretation. Everytime our audiences receive a political message they do is receive the transmission of an organized group of framed in formats such as television or radio spot, leaflets, the image of the candidate in certain event or a street commentary on the data and information. From there, if the topic is interesting, immediately be it linked to a set of meanings, situations, circumstances, or knowledge, until finally issuing a response or a specific action.

In this process the that perception does is allow to find the message in a real context to facilitate their interpretation, to give it a unique meaning. Therefore, decode represents confer a one-way to the content and determine its usefulness in an opinion-forming and decision-making not only boils down to vote on such or which candidate, but that as we know, there is a wide variety of expected actions among which that the positive political message receiverin turn becomes a propagator of those ideas or leaders that embody them. Most of the time the political information converted into a message framed within a conceptual framework fails to meet their expectations. This occurs by human beings we operate very easily a perceptual defense in the communication process, i.e., we decided to not listen. Perceptual defence is a process that operates in stages, through which public opinion perceives and decodes a message, but gives a selective attention, since these hearings they're getting lots of messages through multiple channels, which are only able to cater to a fraction within the spectrum that customary use for provision of information. It is known that during this phase of selective distortion biases and deviations are generated within the meaning of the message, since people make a minimal effort to decode the content. And finally, at the stage of the selective retention is achieved to save something of the message, because it assimilates some signs or keys that allow you to interpret all or at least part of the message, provided it is interesting for them to do so.

As a result, and from the angle of issuers from political messages in an oversaturated world of information, propaganda and advertising, the structuring of images should be more subtle and unnoticeable as possible, to avoid blocking incoming messages. Finally there are the so-called variables impact through which you can measure how, how much and what way, each individual recalls the message depending on the employee concept. Here involves psychological reasons that allow to look at the mind of an individual providing benchmarks to make sense of the meaning of the message. ** The article belongs to the analyst of public opinion and political communication specialist Argentine Guillermo Bertoldi. I took it from entornoestrategia.com.ar/blog. May I place it here because there is too much information on the Web on the topic of perception in political communication.

Political Messages

Reality is a very persistent illusion Albert Einstein and if reality is not what we see, but only what we want to see? Film Matrix receipt and understanding of the message in the communication policy represent a movement, active and complex process, actions whose real existence responsibility depends on the hearings. People are receiving our messages and understand how they want to and how you can. There are two underlying functions that the public carries out: perception and interpretation. Everytime our audiences receive a political message they do is receive the transmission of an organized group of framed in formats such as television or radio spot, leaflets, the image of the candidate in certain event or a street commentary on the data and information. From there, if the topic is interesting, immediately be it linked to a set of meanings, situations, circumstances, or knowledge, until finally issuing a response or a specific action.

In this process the that perception does is allow to find the message in a real context to facilitate their interpretation, to give it a unique meaning. Therefore, decode represents confer a one-way to the content and determine its usefulness in an opinion-forming and decision-making not only boils down to vote on such or which candidate, but that as we know, there is a wide variety of expected actions among which that the positive political message receiverin turn becomes a propagator of those ideas or leaders that embody them. Most of the time the political information converted into a message framed within a conceptual framework fails to meet their expectations. This occurs by human beings we operate very easily a perceptual defense in the communication process, i.e., we decided to not listen. Perceptual defence is a process that operates in stages, through which public opinion perceives and decodes a message, but gives a selective attention, since these hearings they're getting lots of messages through multiple channels, which are only able to cater to a fraction within the spectrum that customary use for provision of information. It is known that during this phase of selective distortion biases and deviations are generated within the meaning of the message, since people make a minimal effort to decode the content.

And finally, at the stage of the selective retention is achieved to save something of the message, because it assimilates some signs or keys that allow you to interpret all or at least part of the message, provided it is interesting for them to do so. As a result, and from the angle of issuers from political messages in an oversaturated world of information, propaganda and advertising, the structuring of images should be more subtle and unnoticeable as possible, to avoid blocking incoming messages. Finally there are the so-called variables impact through which you can measure how, how much and what way, each individual recalls the message depending on the employee concept. Here involves psychological reasons that allow to look at the mind of an individual providing benchmarks to make sense of the meaning of the message. ** The article belongs to the analyst of public opinion and political communication specialist Argentine Guillermo Bertoldi. I took it from entornoestrategia.com.ar/blog. May I place it here because there is too much information on the Web on the topic of perception in political communication.

A New Way Of Thinking Politics

A new way of thinking Teodulo Lopez Melendez the man of these times policy quite possibly has not taken up to fullness the dominant traits and suffers in the nostalgia of the past. Thus lives in semiverdades. The man has left to conceptualise in a complex manner. Read more has plenty of information regarding this issue. The contradictions manifested in all its magnitude in the absence of the totalizing utopia. The old paradigms are dead.

Just listen to verify that we are in what can accurately be called an old world. This, despite living in a world of rapid changes. Perhaps these changes are what mere transition, which means that they are impregnated with the same concepts of the foregoing. The same sense of reality becomes so blurred, especially becomes blurred the ordinariness, where fundamental psychological habitats are altered, such as labour, food and even the health aspect, as we saw with the recent epidemics that plague us. We continue to live planted in the path of the past, one that leads to no part.

Up to the way of thinking is still the same, in a kind of cerebral palsy that prevents us from understanding that we must create new paradigms that may produce a transformation of immediate reality. Shocks occur one after another. Previous convictions look worn, lost all its explanatory and protection capability. The expression on the decline of institutions has become common place, but showing extreme weakness are policies, including intermediate calls that fulfilled the role of bridge between the power and the community. So the old legal forms have frayed and intermediaries have lost all ability to give excitability and coherence, as well as they have lost old coercibility instruments, which has led the media to try to boost as new drivers. The so-called institutions show a manifest inability to transform is, moreover, not what transformation required. Against a new cultural paradigm, still in its infancy, its break-up with the reality is visible, because they belong to outdated paradigms, depart from the basis of an immobility which is consubstantial to them. Governed by the institution man disappears, has isolated her. Cannot claim the emergence of a new body of doctrine infallible and totalizing, a sort of Renaissance of ideologies. The communication society that will come is a paradigm shift in itself. The new reality will rise above it. Without obviating the totalitarian danger of the pantalla-ojo control, the breaking of the unidirectional media that calls into question the notion of defenseless receiver and continuous market control thesis produced by the recent crisis, should push thought to the planting of new democratic conceptions. I.e., the task of the thinkers of today is not deliver a design of future society, but to create ideas that communique man making. You can do in the manner of the old ideologues who designed a new utopian reality. What is now is to propose a new reading of the reality, that is, the creation of a new reality for the permanent activity of a Republic of citizens who exercise an instituent power change forms tailored to its evolution towards a democratic society eternally perfectible. Expiration of the existing paradigms, or the defeat of inertia, should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches that, with all logic in human processes, they will be discarded at the start by the institutionalized environment.


Each year are numerous families that have as a goal the acquisition of adequate housing and who do not have sufficient economic resources. The housing policy is a means that provides financial resources for the purchase of social housing. The idea is to achieve that the Bank would adopt us operation in a more expeditious manner. To do this we must be clear steps to successfully achieve our goal. For the adequate presentation of the dossier of mortgage credit with the resources of the housing policy, it is necessary that the applicant complies with the following steps: first must determine, prior to the filing of the application, the maximum amount that the Bank could provide for the purchase of the main house. To do this, housing policy monthly family of Bs. You may wish to learn more. If so, Congressman Howard Berman is the place to go.

7000, sets a ceiling of income to what will be paid an amount of Bs. 271.800 to 30 years with an interest rate of 8.55%. Second, locate housing that suits the amount that the Bank will pay or contribute the difference as part of payment. Thirdly, you must submit the request together with the personal, economic, data of warranty and seller data. Finally, perform the appraisal of the property to determine the market price of the good. With all requirements to the day, the Bank will proceed to review the record, and if you all agree, will ask the authorization to the governing body of the housing policy, the BANAVIH, so appropriate to authorize the mortgage. Once received the go-ahead from the Bank, fix the date for the formal recording of the mortgage loan, day on which will have to assist buyers, sellers and the representative of the Bank for the grant of the respective documents in the public registry and delivery of keys.

Taking these guidelines into account, housing policy user will get the approval of the mortgage loan, provided that the information supplied is complete and up-to-date, so to be received the request by the operator financial, the dossier is processed without any delay. The requirements for the presentation are the following: identity card of applicants three RIF last payroll statement of income affidavit do not have own housing leasing loan application references personal and Bank Balance staff constancy of work or income certificate signed by public deed of purchase counter sales certificate lien certificate trading on the faov identity card and the solvency of front right sellers RIF and the water service appraisal of the property carried out by expert and registered with the Superintendency of banks and other institutions of credit applicants is three people maximum. These documents are essential for the Bank to process the credit application therefore place emphasis on the importance of the documents as a main element in that approved the credit quickly. Common is that many records are affected by the lack of documentation or because they have been presented out of time, resulting in that are refused such requests for provision of housing policy.

The Art Of Storytelling In Politics

Since the homo became sapiens, storytelling has been the most effective way of transmitting knowledge and traditions, but also of forging communities and generating social cohesion, create culture and group awareness. We live in a world that we constantly harassed with information in the format of images and discursive messages. In addition to that we are constantly stimulated by the music, aromas, even in TV channels also influence us on a daily basis and stimulus of gastronomic offers. One of the functions of the emotional system is to filter these impacts so that we can operate as a whole coherent and integrated, make decisions quickly and basically the logic of survival of the help or harm. Modern leadership is tied to the narration that is exercised. In the same way that there is no narrative without Narrator, is not conceived a politician without a story to tell. Citizenship needs more ever will tell stories with meanings that interpret and give meaning to reality.

A good story, true, fresh, which describe ethics and poetically what he already knows and who pose a future scenario. A story that fell in love with, that awaken dormant dreams, call to action and that provide security in the achievement of the objectives. In political communication, we note that in addition to issues relating to the lack of attention of the hearings on these issues in particular, there are problems regarding the structure of what we have and how it will be. We therefore have a strategic problem and one practical. In terms of attention, listening in public has changed in recent times and the need for the permission of those hearings has imposed as a trend. Away from the traditional schema that attention was obtained to the extent pautaban spaces in the media or printed materials themselves were delivered, the consumer, the citizen and the elector are now in control of your care. There arises in part the need to create or bring narrative coherence to our speeches, our political histories, to achieve the attention and credibility of the listener. Studies in psychology congnitiva have determined that tales and stories will reduce the natural resistance to change, creates a lasting impression on the memory, defenses relax, the listener is attentive and therefore understands better.

The stories in politics serve to encourage people to talk and show their possibilities to change, to reflect and identify the priorities of life based on the values. The message of the stories can remove us from our own experiences to capitalize on community and in that sense, they transferred the social lessons to our own situation. How in good stories it is not necessary to have the moral to let each reader or listener to remove their own conclusions and findings from its own truth. Well narrated stories involves three functions: reflection, emotion and action. Metaphors acting in different dimensions: the metaphor itself, which It means for the listener and what makes you feel. Metaphors in political discourse makes that people do not forget their wishes, on the contrary, it facilitates recreate in our minds that it would be if people stop trying solutions that do not work, reencuadran the conflict and connect with your strongest, the emotional part, to clarify what you want and guide it to the target. From the point of view of the cathartic welfare feels and to open up to their own point of view, is easier to decide to do. Original author and source of the article

Political Power

When we pointed out the limits of the policy we understand that covers and therefore understand its definition, however humanity is faced with the dilemma of finding a consensus with reference to where the boundaries lie. There are other branches as those of medicine and architecture that have their field of action well delimited, clear and defined, however the policy covers everything, its field of action is the whole world, from Alaska to the Polynesian Islands all are, to a greater or lesser extent, part of the extensive concept of politics. Politics is everywhere, it is universal and in spite of this, not only for being so we have exactly the same definition of it. Around the world, in the millions of universities that educate, there are all those teachers of Humanities, each with its own definition, however that does not mean that they are all wrong, it is very difficult to create a definition that is not very vague but which do not scratch at the end of the accuracy so that important data is skipped. The Royal Academy Spanish defines politics as art or trace with which leads a matter or means are used to achieve a particular purpose 2 but personally, a wide-ranging topic remains very concise to represent with the preceding words, and still more minimalist definitions we can call to politics as the art of good governance as Aristotle and Plato did? It is then that good governance is the result of carrying out a good policy? Foucault in his book of Gobernmentality assures us that there are three inquisitive from the Government: the Government of oneself, which corresponds to the personal conduct; the Government of souls and lives, which corresponds to that of religion and churches; and the State Government. The previous answer to how to govern themselves, how to be governed and how to govern, is this last which we call politics. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Act Policy

The housing policy is a system that allows you to low dependency ratio, self-employed workers and business owners get financing pursuant to the law on housing policy. There is a system of housing policy aimed at low-income families in Venezuela and that through a contribution by workers to housing savings, can access the financing your main home on advantageous terms, framed in a clear housing policy. So that families can access the loan of housing policy, it is necessary as a prerequisite to maintain the quote to the law on housing policy for a minimum of twelve residential savings contributions, which may be consecutive or not, and that at the time of the request for credit for housing policy, the applicant is active to make it comply with the housing policy law. However, the system of housing policy is conditioned to family incomes than do not exceed seven thousand bolivares to gain access to credit. Saving housing to contributing as a contribution to the housing policy Act is of three percent over the full income and must be deposited into the financial institution in the first five working days of the following month in which income is swift in order to comply with the requirement in the law of housing policy. An advantage that sets policy housing for low-income families, is the direct housing subsidy for those who earn less than two thousand six hundred bolivares a month and can be up to a maximum of forty-six thousand bolivars, which comes to supplement the purchase of the property and housing substantial savings in such price. Regarding the quotas established in the housing policy, applicants not may allocate more than thirty per cent of their income to pay the fee to amortize the mortgage loan pursuant to the law on housing policy. On the other hand, the deadline to cancel the policy loan housing will be thirty years with interest not exceeding nine percent for higher incomes, according to each worker housing saving.

In terms of the maximum value of the credit for housing policy, the housing policy Act establishes that it may finance up to 100% of the market price of the immovable object of purchase. The rules on housing policy sets for people who want to benefit from the housing policy, a system of voluntary housing savings Act, being the case of those independent, self-employed workers, who work on their own, to be contributor of the housing policy Act and enjoy the social conditions of the housing savings. For people who earn more than seven thousand bolivares per month, the housing policy is covered under the law of the mortgage debtor, where banks may not apply higher to fifteen percent annual interest to protect the workers in the class average that have monthly income of up to twenty-three thousand bolivares, obligatory quotation to the housing policy law.

Poor Political Pobretones

After seeing the Declaration of assets of our Councillors, feel me make a solidarity cuestacion to help them that you arrive later this month. It is not that one creates too in this kind of economic streep-tease of the salmantinos residents. Nor of any other. Firstly, because I think a display of intimacy, at least financial, sometimes overt and that no us clarifies too things taxpayers. Secondly, because given the accounting tricks, such as the anachronistic values cadastral, there are those who leaves them a negative heritage, with mortgages of double and even triple the recorded real estate value.

Go, as well as Vice President Chaves, other than such. But to declare, by which this desire of our politicians into pretending that they are poorer than the rats? Well because in our society being rich is frowned upon, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon countries, where those who have triumphed in the private sphere is considered them smarter and more able to manage well the interests public. In addition, if the Declaration of goods has it now become fashionable is to prevent corruption. It's see the heritage difference of politicians before and after passing through the poltrona, to verify as well that not it have been crude. And who tells us that the poor than the rich are less corrupt? The Anglo-Saxons often believe just the opposite. For that he will steal a rich man in his public office if you get more money in his private practice? On the other hand, that one who does not know how fend into civilian life is easier to try to get their hands on the box in the short time in which to play a public office, they tend to think the voters in those countries. They already see that many are reflections and the reasons for considering this financial misery of our councilmen exhibitionism really irrelevant pamema. The worst thing is that, if something so trivial enough of them already missing the truth, what will not do in other topics of more substantial citizen? Fear gives me to think about it.

Spanish Politics Winds

The candidate of the PSOE in the general elections of November 20 has ensured that it naturally has Zapatero for the campaign. Rubalcaba said that he would try to explain now what Spain intends to achieve and which will be devoted to listen, discuss, and explain. The Prime Minister announces an electoral advancement. A. school BLOG: 20-N: Rubalcaba asked him to ZP this week opens a new era in Spanish politics; I am prepared. The PSOE candidate for the forthcoming general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has valued so the decision of the President to convene elections for November 20: has done thinking about the interests of Spain. The Socialist has said that, from now on, it will explain their priorities as a candidate, explain what Spain intend to achieve. Its main objectives with regard to the next few years, if he wins the elections, are the creation of employment, an economy healthy, strengthen equal opportunities and promote democratic reforms, added in a press conference with questions past 16.30 h.

Rubalcaba has also promised to listen, discuss and explain over the next two months, because the votes are not from anyone, are citizens, who are the protagonists of democracy. Has said about them, the Spaniards, the PSOE will attempt to recover their confidence and reconnect from the outset; for example, conducting a different electoral campaign with a program to win and to govern, since it there are many citizens saturated disputes between political parties. To the campaign will be, naturally, the President of the Government. As it respects the times, until the official announcement of the elections - September 27 will be issued the Decree of dissolution of courts - the Socialist will be devoted mostly to sharpen and specify that program in a dialogue standing with the various sectors. We'll see many surveys in rrencia a possible electoral debate with his most direct opponent, the popular Mariano Rajoy, candidate has said that if he is willing to discuss, we are already two; and with respect to the last CIS survey, Rubalcaba has shown its respect but has said that we are going to see many polls, I don't know if a every week, but almost.

Guillermo Fernandez Vara

They topped the list of most popular on Twitter politicians in July. Within that more dialogue, experts maintain that Esperanza Aguirre is as the most watched, with 36,000 readers. Many politicians are leaving their profiles after the elections. The Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (@conRubalcaba), the Coordinator of the electoral campaign of the PSOE, Elena Valenciano (@ElenValenciano), and the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre (@EsperanzAguirre), topped the list of most popular on Twitter politicians during the month of July. This emerges from a study of the web, the 30 tuiteros, which demonstrates that neither summer nor heat away these politicians from public life, even by Internet.

Politicians who constitute an exceptional case if you have in mind that, according to the study political 2.0: after the election of the company's advertising agency 101, more than half of the leaders reduced their activity in the social networks after past elections. As an example, the study quotes the leader of the Socialists Madrid, Tomas Gomez, who left to die his Twitter after the defeat before Aguirre, and the former President of Castile - La Mancha, Spain Jose Maria Barreda, who seems to have stayed silent after losing the election compared with Maria Dolores de Cospedal (PP). This Agency's report also suggests that 70% of the politicians not maintained fluid communications with citizens, since there is no answer to your messages, something that does not makes them very dear in the network. Therefore, the popularity in the Twitter network is not measured only by the number of followers or fans, but also for interaction with the users or the number of messages that have been shared or retuiteados, as explained by Antonio Davila, founder of the project 30 tuiteros. According to Davila, the ranking allows you to discriminate against opportunistic politicians from those who really believe in democracy 2.0, in which the citizen dialogues with the candidate 24 hours 365 days a year, and not only view once every four years when it is summoned to the polls. Within which more dialogue, experts maintain that Esperanza Aguirre as the most watched, with 36,000 readers, followed by the former State of equality Bibiana Aido, and the spokesman of the PP in the Congress, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, is with more than 11,000 each. However, according to the report by agency 101, there are other politicians who have failed to connect with the citizens on the network in the same way and, for example, once past the elections of 22 may have neglected their social networks.

Between the dumb politicians in the network, the study emphasizes the Minister of health, Social policy and equality, Leire Pajin, who despite having been trending topic on Twitter, or subject of great interest in this network, as a result of his photographs in swimsuit, has not never published a TWiT. The latest political developments, among which stand out the electoral advancement or the 15-M movement, have influenced the Twitter ranking, so those politicians who have been able to connect with that discontent have risen dramatically, maintains Davila. Thus, scholars explain that despite having lost the position after the last elections, the Secretary general of the PSOE in Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, maintains a great activity on the network from which makes opposition controlling what makes who governs. Both studies suggests that, although sometimes use only in election campaigns, networks are a few basic tools of politicians to go to citizens. Source of the news: Rubalcaba, Elena Valenciano and Esperanza Aguirre, the most active politicians on Twitter

Changes in Philosophy

This work tells to the occured changes in the human thought and its main causes that had led to the origin of the philosophy, as well as its first thinkers, the Jnicos. The study it points, also, the origin of the Sofistas and its contributions, at a time where the argument was basic. The FIRST THINKERS In accordance with Cotrim (1995), the philosophy occidental person is born in Greece for votes of century VI or VII B.C. This is the known period as Daily pay, where the thought occidental person followed in direction to the philosophical knowledge. With the sprouting of the Philosophy, the ticket of mythical knowing for the rational thought occurs.

This ticket for rationality was influenced by means of long historical process. At that time, as Bertoche cites (2007), the cities Greeks had known a period of economic, to militate and geographic expansion. Innumerable colonies had been established Greeks in the Europe and Lesser Asia. For Vernant (1992, apud Cotrim, 1995), the moment where the man started to use reason (logos) to decide its problems is tied with the sprouting of the plis, City-State Greek. The plis ones were a new form of social organization and politics where the citizens directed the destinations of the city.

It was a creation of the men, the citizens, and not of deuses. could be explained and be organized by the reason, excused popular mythology. We can say, then, that old deuses had lost its place in the government of the society. (COTRIM, 1992, p.84) With passing of the time, the value given to the debate and the clear and convincing exposition of the ideas exceeded the sphere politics, becoming the adopted way to think on all the things. With this, the philosophy was born looking for to develop the logos (to know rational) in opposition to the myth (to know alegrico).

Atlantic Ocean

If for land the French army practically imbatvel age, the English were the owners of the sea. The British navy possua 880 ships of combat, and as England is an island, Napoleo to conquer its territory would have that to face it through a maritime confrontation. The confrontation enters the two main powers of that time, in fact it happened. The French navy with the objective to come alongside in ground British for the Channel was defeated in the epic Battle of Tralfagar (1805). For even more analysis, hear from Michele Mansilla. After the defeat, the Sovereign of the France, that liked if relating England, calling it ' ' small island of pescadores' ' , in the ones of the one in 1807, a beautiful sample to that this disdain if dealt with only rivalry, therefore Napoleo wise person very well that to such ' ' island of pescadores' ' it was an obstacle its pretensions economic politics and. But that it shows she was this then? The Continental Blockade.

If it was not capable to win it through the direct confrontation, would make this commercially arrasando it, forbidding any European nation to keep diplomatical and commercial relations with the British. of that to disobey its orders there. Far from this agitated context it was Brazil, a land of continental ratio, tropical climate bathed for Atlantic Ocean, whose its very little inhabitants at least imagined that all these events that agitated the Old Continent, would change history of this Portuguese colony, changedding itself into an independent nation. In 1807, Portugal was governed for a prince regent, species of king without crown, that was D. Joo.

Many portray the way prince caricata. Ugly, obeso, gluto, sluggish, dirty, badly dress, fearful, unsafe and depressive.

The Words

When Pricles evokes the virtue of the knights died in combat, when Lysias remembers to the autonomy of the athenians they does not only search to create an ideal Atenas, but also they are worried in occulting the internal conflicts. They express in a language that is of characteristic politics in Atenas. In effect, she seems that the democracy never arrived to create its proper language. Please visit Connie Coleman if you seek more information. From there this permanence of aristocratic values through the words that they state. But if it sees of clear form as this permanence could be related to the subject of the conjunct fnebre and where measured the conjunct fnebre if became in itself an ideological speech. When becoming beautiful the death for you polish on the part of that they died in combats, the orator placed in evidence what it joined the athenians, despite the too much questions disappeared that in reality separated the daily them. In the common sepultures, it did not have ' ' well nascidos' ' plebeian, rich or poor nor, peasants or craftsmen, had only those that were considered good men, taken for the supreme virtue that was the warlike virtue.

such recriada unit if incarnated in this superior unit that polishes was it. Little matters then that the conjunct fnebre used and has abused the use of topoi, untiringly taken for the orators as spokesmen of the official ideology that imposed to the athenians an image of which they only had as option to adhere. what it is the truth for the majority of the citizens, it he is also for that were adversaries of the regimen and that equally they were impregnated by the ideology of you polish as center of communion and virtue of the athenians. In this point, the conjunct plagiarism fnebre made by Plato in the Menexeno is particularly revealing, therefore if the philosopher if pleases in parodiar the swell of the orators, it finishes for reproducing the same language, as Scrates convinced its adversary in the quarrels it playing the same argumentativas weapons.

Brazilian Language

As captains of the sand it was a book published in the year of 1937, time of boiling politics, with Vargas imposing the dictatorship, and this sinnima of censorship of that it can denounce, was not then toa that Getlio ordered to burn all its books, including Captains. Another threat that Loved Jorge led for the government was that its workmanships had as characteristic a coloquial language, of easy agreement. Jorge not only Loved, but the modernista generation if freed of old models of the 1890 generation the 1920 that they possuam a formal, elaborated, difficult language and had modified the vocabulary total, in the syntax, being that the modernistas will go to turn itself more toward the language that the Brazilians speak. These modernistas writers had as objective main to more than take for literature the existing real facts in the society thus treating subjects the day-day, a more untied language. Loved Jorge and its life: Analytical critic and the life of Loved Jorge is marked by some events that valley to detach. He grew in way the fights politics and power, that is, is perceived that the infancy and the Loved adolescence of were well moving where it saw the fight, the power for lands at that time and must have bred in its mind some investigations and questions that had been answered after many studies and research.

According to its proper site, the discovery of candombl and the contact with the traditions afro-Brazilians and the history of slavery had taken Loved Jorge to develop a specific vision of the Bahia and Brazil that discloses in its workmanships, its romances: one crossbred and festive nation. This contact with the religion made with that Jorge inside created of itself a feeling of critical of the events, as the question of the slavery, of racism. Site of Jorge according to loved, the convivncia with the call Movement of 30 marked deeply its personality and the concern that held back with the Brazilian problems.

Armed Forces

In March of 1964, with the ideological cohesion reached in the seio of the Armed Forces and significant mobilization politics of the ruling classes and of some sectors of the middle class, the Military dictatorship in Brazil was restored. Its imposition had consequences in all the ideological fields of the country, also the cultural one, what it made possible the emergency of a new politician-cultural context, context this that came if transforming until then. The quadrinhos, had as a cultural expression of mass, could not be of are of this transformation that was occurring, as well as were not of are also of the repression perpetrated for the military governments. The personages created by Ziraldo in the magazine the Perer are emblematic of this repression, therefore they were representative of the yearnings of Brazil of the time. This article intends to argue the importance of the quadrinhos (especially the Perer de Ziraldo) as representative descriptions of the period where they had been conceived and the context where if it gave repression to this media. Word-key: Quadrinhos; repression; military dictatorship; Ziraldo; The Perer.

Brazilian Movement

As the National Curricular Parameters that says, the contents offered in classroom need to be in accordance with a minimum standard, and at the same time, to be syntonized with the particularitities and especificidades of the place where education is being developed (GADOTTI, 1998, p.111). They need to be offered new proposals of education, of dynamic form so that the pupils can elaborate its proper ideas to also leave of its proper experiences, that is, is necessary to create new proposals of education that they can endorse the determination of LDBEN 9394/96 that detaches in its article 26: ' ' The resumes of basic and average education must have a common national base, to be complemented, in each system of education and to be diversified, to be demanded by the regional and local characteristics of sociedade' ' (BRAZIL, 1998). In 1947 I appeared (SEA) the Service of Education of Adults as a special service of of the National Department of Education of the Ministry of the Education and Health that had as white main to guide and to co-ordinate generality all the works and plans in elapsing of the year of supplementary education for illiterate adolescents and adults. (...) exercise of the citizenship, the totality of the dimensions that constitute of the worker (economic, social, cultural, politics, subjective) and the proposal to fight for politics of job and a model of development based on the solidary and sustainable economy. (CUT, 2003, p.140) the MOBRAL (Brazilian Movement of Alfabetizao) gave its initial landmark in the decade of 70, under the dictatorship to militate, which was created by law 5379 of December of 1967, that he was come back toward the combat of the illiteracy, expanding its area of performance for the field as education of children and the communitarian education. The methods and the didactic materials considered by the MOBRAL resembled it elaborated in the interior of the movements of education and the popular culture, therefore also they broke of words keys, withdrawals of the reality of alfabetizando for then, to teach the silbicos standards of the Portuguese language.

Federal SupremoTribunal

They have been all slandered by the society and, if judgeships, are condemned for the majority of the judges. The correct ones, resigned, have been remained been silent. They had been eed frightened, had been discouraged Born in the kingdom here, sobranceira, the worthless iniquity. Lack has of respect. Sobeja the indignity. Great part of the members Being able of them - the MAJORITY, in unacceptable proper advantage, uses the dinheiros pblicospara its shameful joy. The State does not guarantee the Rights - all - in the Law Biggest consecrated.

One exactly forgot that the name of God in the constitutional preamble was invoked. Where the honest politicians? Where the right judges? Where the people, who nothing makes? WHAT HE WILL BE OF YOU, BRAZIL, MINE LOVED COUNTRY? ' ' Doctor/ColegMirna: she continues in this cruzade in favor of tica and Moralizao, therefore, despite one - only one - Brazilian citizen if acquires knowledge of todosesses revolting disobediences, if she rebels before the been o of things einfluencie inert and lethargic the mass ignara, congregating forces to paradarmos one ' ' basta' ' in the situation. Therefore, Mirna, follows yesterday in its sendacvica in favor of the morality (, the case Sarney, today, Toffoli, parao STF putz, I deserve). How much to the Senator ALVARO DAYS, I remember sernecessrio that if raise voices in the Senate, therefore, after all ' ' one andorinhas does not make vero' '. A great one I hug.

PRESTES.' ' Sen. Alvaro Days you me show details 12:21 p.m. (3 hours ago)Toffoli lawyer is being sabatinado. Not yet I had aoportunidade to reveal me, but I advance that I go to vote against the suaindicao for the Supreme one. I understand that it does not have well-known saberjurdico and nor ilibada behavior. Of its resume it does not consist much less nenhummestrado doutorado. It did not write no book and it has duascondenaes in Justice. Therefore, it does not congregate the conditions foreseen nConstituio to exert the high function of minister of ours maiorCorte of Justice. The fact to have been lawyer of the PT and assessor jurdicodas campaigns of president Lula of a indication a clear carterpoltico, what not if coaduna with the functions of a Minister of Federal SupremoTribunal. necessary to prevent the invasion of partidriano politics STF. In first meeting of the Commission of Constitution and Justice quetratou of the subject, already I revealed my position, as noticirioque if finds there in low. Cordial, Alvaro Days


We can perceive two great interests gifts nesseperodo. The first one is the desire of the European crowns in intensifying processode extration of natural resources, as well as consolidating the conquest. As aboriginal intention in reorganizing its society assuring its future. (Similarly see: Raymond Dalio). This form of aboriginal resistance stops in such a way with the existing muitasadversidades in America for the epidemics how much for obligatory ostrabalhos it made with that in a long process a period existed demestiagem that was of extreme importance for these peoples who estavamadquirindo each time more forms of protection that years circa had lost in the evoluohistrico - biological consequence of a process of isolation of de40.000. This idea talks with the ticket: For a moment (1545 - 1570 approximately), trataron derecuperarse del woollen trauma conquest y in the obstante all wools presiones, eltributo, el trabajo forzado y wools epidemics, lograron one desarrolo economic ycultural natable. 20 Of the cultural point of view, had existed some resistnciasrelevantes, as cultuais elements par excellence, as it is the case of the language exactly quepermaneceu to the shock and cultural impositions proceeding from contatosentre the Europeans and the peoples autctones. These forms of preservation of the culturaindgena, as qucha was the case of the languages, nuatla and aymara had been of extremaimportncia, therefore they strengthen the cultural identity of one determined people eajudam in the reminiscncia process the diverse aspects adversaries, as forced acatequizao. Such thought comes of meeting with the stretch: ' ' Apartir of these islets was - reconstituting to a povoamento locale they had little by little conserved the aboriginal languages, qucha, nuatla and aymara, etc.' ' 21 This long process of miscegenation made with that little I diminish if establishes in the peoples indians resistncias against diverse patgenosagentes of devastadoras illnesses. This union between these many etnias (indians, blacks, Europeans and Asians) will be a species of ' ' adaptation ndia' ' to the shock between sufficiently different cultures.

Pupil Evaluation

Hoffmann (2003) clarifies that many conscientious masters of the referring problem to the avaliativa form, criticizes such method, however in practical its as classroom regent exerts an improvised and arbitrary avaliativa action. This contradiction happens because the models and methodologies applied in the evaluation are not genuinely Brazilian. Therefore, the educators must understand that the evaluation is the reflection transformed into action. Therefore they need to follow the steps of educating in the trajectory of the construction of knowing, looking for to reflect why the pupil thinks thus of this or of that form. from reformulating questions based on the learning of each learning there. Hoffmann (2003) in the alert one that all professor must constantly evaluate the educative action in the indagativo and investigativo direction, following all the steps of the pupil in walked its of construction of the knowledge. students receive the concepts or notes without questionings, not allowing that educandos and educators have a relation of interaction from the joint reflection. As educators we must understand the difficulties of the pupils, taking them to reflect it on the world and conduziz them it the reconstruction of a bigger number of truths.

Initial regents of the infantile education and series, in its majority, feel difficulties in giving notes because they day-by-day follow the development of the educandos. From the moment that we evaluate we act as in an act politician, exactly when we do not intend it. The evaluation as practical routine and classificatria is understood as judgment of results. Considering the mediating attitude of the evaluation, the learning of the pupil, as much in the writing how much in the orality, if it has constituted the primordial concern of the educator. The success or the failure of the learning is visible by means of the valuation or indifference that the school has with the society. To the times what it predominates in the pertaining to school environment they are the methods perverse and exculpatory avaliativos.

Abdel Nasser Libya

&quot was born in the tribe; Gadafa" , influential in the spheres of being able. It took the Government in 1969 with a military coup d'etat. The dictatorial regime collapses and the rebels take the control from Tripoli. The Libyan leader, Muamar to the Gadafi, is surrounded after the rebellion that is bleeding the country during months. The Libyan dictator is more longevo of all Africa and his Government has lasted more than 40 years, since he promoted to the power in 1969 after a coup d'etat king Idris. During these years, the Libya policy has rotated enters East and the West according to the interests of the dictator who has been met by his eccentricities and their military and political whims. Check out Michele Mansilla for additional information.

' Spring rabe' in Libya, it has put to him against the cords. Childhood and access to the Gadafi power, president and j of the Revolutionary Council of Libya, were born in Sirte, in 1942, in a family of Bedouins of the tribe " Gadafa" , influential in the spheres of being able. His father, shepherd of camels, gave primary studies him and secondary and later he completed his formation in the Academy Military man. The 1 of September of 1969, helped by a group of officials, took the power following the Egyptian model and overthrew king Idris when it was of visit in Athens. Heir of the panarabismo of Egyptian ex-president Abdel Nasser, when he arrived at the power he copied the Egyptian constitution and he emulated his national motto: " Freedom, socialism and unidad". It assumed the presidency of the Council of Control of the Revolution and proclaimed the Arab Republic Libya, that as of 1977 adopted the name of The Arab Yamahiria Socialist Popular Libya. Obsession by an Arab world united Its policy has turned around the unit of the Arab world. For this reason, it looked for alliances that took to him to dream about the United States of the Sahara, or in ephemeral fusions with Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco.

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